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Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition

Posted by mumofsixbirds 
Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
May 25, 2017
Well, here's a new saga going on in my life. Three houses down is a rental house. It has recently just been rented to a couple with two vicious pit bulls. A black one and a white one.

I have to pass this house every day to get to my community mailbox, which is a short distance away.

Today, I was going to the mailbox, when this fucking pit bull runs out to the fence and starts bouncing off of it, barking its head off as I pass by. This stupid bint comes out and says to me, "Don't mind him." I just stared at her, and got my way back home. The main problem is that the fence is only three and a half feet high and made of rotting wood. The fence was bowing and bending as the dog bounced off of it.

I have also witnessed the owners of these dogs outside of their property with the dogs, but no leashes on the dogs. I am now terrified of going to my mailbox every morning to get my mail.

I just contacted animal control and told them the situation. I said that it was a matter of time before that fence comes down and those dogs kill someone.

I am not against people having dogs, but I wish people would be a little more responsible about them. I have seen these dogs doing the same thing as others walk by the house. I am hoping that animal control can do something to help. If not, then I don't know WTF I am going to do.
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
May 27, 2017
Undertrained or totally non-trained dogs are an inexcusable thing. If you're getting a dog, you commit to training it. If it's not working out, have a pro step in. Ugh.

Sadly, if the dog is still on the owner's property and hasn't done any damage yet, animal control likely won't do much at all. At least that's been my experience from reporting constantly barking dogs, or dogs that charge fences like the one you encountered.
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
May 28, 2017
You're right about animal control not being able to do much...they told me that they could check out the situation, have the neighbors reinforce or build a higher fence, and talk to them about licensing their dogs if they haven't already.

I mainly wanted some form of documentation, in case something happens. On Friday when I went to the mailbox, the dog was out there again, running along the fence and barking at me. I just ignored it.

ITA about people not training their dogs properly. I was mauled by a German shepherd when I was a little girl, so large dogs are scary to me in the first place. A barking, charging dog is almost traumatizing to me.

To be honest, I don't care if people have large dogs. As long as the dogs are trained and don't bark all night long, it's none of my business. My fear is that the dogs are going to either jump the fence or knock it over and hurt someone. I told that to animal control, and they understood my concern.
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
May 30, 2017
I love pit bulls....that said I firmly believe people should be licensed to have them because novice dog owners haven't a clue how to handle them. Idiot neighbor has one and does nothing with her to the point that I wound up taking a PVC pipe after her to keep her from jumping me in my own yard. He let her run loose knowing she was wandering in my yard (3 acres with a bitch horse) and didn't care. She has charged me, stepfather, cousin and has chased the other neighbors grandkids. Cops are useless until its too late in this situation. There is a spray you can get called "Critter Ridder" and I promise you will never have a problem with those dogs if they come after you. To them it's like getting hit in face by several skunks high on meth and crack. It'll cause them to actually foam at the mouth it's that bad, but it won't cause any permanent damage. You can get it at any feed store so its easier to get than mace.


"It is better not to look like what you are; it is better to look like a bourgeois woman because then all the doors are open for you and then you can just go and make hell." - Marjane Satrapi
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
June 01, 2017
Yea, it doesn't even really matter what kind of dog it is, if it's big and aggressive, it scares the hell out of me.

Good news, I saw the landlord's vehicle pull up the other day, and for two days now the dogs haven't been out in the yard. I'm wondering if someone complained to him about the new tenants? Either that, or animal control did pay them a visit and read them the riot act.

Either way, I'm not going to be afraid to go to my own mailbox in the morning. The last time I saw the dog, it had its paws up on the edge of the fence, and it was barking at me again. Now, I don't see it anymore. I'm hoping that they've wised up and they keep their dogs inside.

ETA: I think I'll look into that spray. We have a local feed shop just down the road from us, and they may carry it. I don't want to hurt the dogs, but I want some form of protection just in case they do jump the fence one day.
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
June 14, 2017
Well guys, it was my mistake. There's a white pit bull and a black lab. I thought they were two pit bulls because the black dog had a cone on its head and I don't wear my glasses when I go to the mailbox in the morning. The other dog was a white pit bull for sure, because I drove past it and saw it rather up close.

This morning, the lab growled at me, put its feet up on the fence and barked at me again. Then it began to follow me as I walked.

The owner of the dog was out there, and she said it again. "Don't mind him. He's just rude." I told her that I'm afraid of her dog. She assured me that it can't jump the fence, but the fact that it can clear the fence with its front paws doesn't make me feel too confident about that. I told her that I had been mauled by a German shepherd when I was a kid, and her reply was, "Oh shit. I'm scared of dogs too, but not this one." That was while the dog was still growling and barking at me. I smiled and said, "Well, he's aggressive." and she screamed "Shut up" at the dog in a really nasty voice. I think I know why that dog is aggressive now. She's a complete idiot. The proper thing for her to do would've been for her to call the dog back and reprimand him. She did none of that.

I haven't seen the white pit bull in quite awhile. I don't know if it was a visitor's dog, or what, but it was behaving very similarly to people passing the yard in the past. Maybe she got rid of it...I don't know.
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
July 31, 2017
Haha, the dickheads with their dickheaded dog moved out this afternoon. They're finally gone and I can get my mail in peace now, without being growled and barked at. I sincerely hope that the guy who rents that house out considers the people he lets move in there. So far, it's been single moos with dogs and brats.

I suspect there were a number of complaints from people in the street. Not only that, but there was a small pile of garbage in front of my driveway, possibly from them, strewn everywhere. I went out and picked it up, since I don't want that shit in front of my house.

There was also an incident that I forgot to mention, where someone had broken glass all over the street. It wasn't an accident, it was done on purpose. This had happened only a week after the single moo moved in, and there seemed to be some suspicious activity going on there. I always saw cars pull up, hang out for a few minutes, then drive away. I'm so glad she, her mutt, and her loaves are gone.
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
August 02, 2017
Fuckin' bitch left a mattress in her driveway and glass littered all over her yard. I'm sure that the inside of the place is ten times worse than the outside. It never pays to rent to single moos and their brats. They will almost always give the landlord a fucking sob story and leave the place looking like a shithole. Between that, the police visits and the dog, I'm sincerely hoping that the landlord sells to some nice, quiet people.
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
August 02, 2017
Finger's crossed MO6! Glad they are gone even if they left a dump. Wonder if they were evicted and it wouldn't surprise me.


"It is better not to look like what you are; it is better to look like a bourgeois woman because then all the doors are open for you and then you can just go and make hell." - Marjane Satrapi
Re: Irresponsible assholes - the pit bull edition
August 03, 2017
I suspect that they were evicted. The landlord was there yesterday, and he didn't look impressed about the condition of the outside of the house. At least he had the decency to lean the mattress against the garage wall, instead of leaving it in the driveway.

I have been a renter my entire life, except for the last three years. I have NEVER left a place looking that horrible. I am so glad that dumb cunt is gone and I'm really hoping someone quiet moves in.

She had a police visit in the middle of the night a couple of weeks back, and I suspect a letter was sent to the landlord. I imagine that might have something to do with her leaving so quickly.
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