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I Can't stand the noise and it's no laughing matter (long)

Posted by mr. neptune 
I Can't stand the noise and it's no laughing matter (long)
October 07, 2017
Right now, I just finished my job as a groundskeeper at a zoo which I found to be a hard place to work - turns out loud noise is an issue for me. I was let go from a medical transcription job (MO6B, as I let you know, it is an unstable industry, don't let that scare you but know that you can be very easily fired over the phone). I got the job when I applied when they had an open house when I was a visitor there

Often I was assigned to work at the children's zoo, I would always have to wear earplugs not because of loud machinery but because the screeching of all the kids was very painful. I noticed no parent ever telling their kid not to do so or to use their "inside voice". One of the worst places was a fake fiberglass tree with a slide inside, I never vacuumed the carpet around there because the screaming was so intense in there. Several times I have told kids "that hurts" (it did!) and have to tell them to stop screaming. One boy screaming was about 9 or 10 and I told him it hurt and he said "was it too high pitch?" so he knew better and I had to tell him not to scream, I got an insincere "sorry" At that age, why do it?

I had to wear earplugs for the aquarium too as it had loud pumps and motors and it would become overcrowded and the kids scream and the parents yell. The worst part is that the way the building is set up, a guest would walk with no warning of how crowded it was in be trapped in the crowd. Oh, and people get that crowded, you can tell they don't use a deodorant when they go to the zoo either.

Most of my coworkers had lost their hearing (not surprised at that, surprised OSHA doesn't know) and were often very loud and I would often have to leave the lunchroom because I just couldn't stand it. It was hard to find a place to eat lunch in our backstage area that was not loud, hot, or smelled of garbage. All of the managers I dealt with are very loud too. In fact, I may have lost some of my hearing already.

Unfortunately, this issue led to be being laid off early. "Dug" was one of the managers and being somewhat taller than me, he would approach up close to people so he would end up shouting in my ear. I had told him it was very painful. Once at a morning meeting, I made the comment that I did not want to work with a certain person (who has a history of being mean to seasonal workers), at which time Dug got furious, yelled in my ear work with him, or go home and quit. I went to see Dug's supervisor, who then laughed me off. In fact, all the other workers say "that's Dug" and laugh me off.

One of the zookeepers who was nice to me suggested we go to Human resources and we did and the HR director just said that "Dug is a loud talker". I told her it was very painful and I get a silent treatment. It was then I agreed to leave and I would not be denied the unemployment.

I know some people here have issues with the noise, how do you deal with it? An audiogram shows "within normal limits" I may have a mild form of autism but even so why don't people believe me (or us)? Can anyone offer any advice or insight?

Unfortunately, this issue gets worse.

I lost my brother last week to liver failure caused by alcoholism (also no laughing matter). I saw his condition and was having a hard time dealing with this death in the family. There were two viewings at the funeral home and I wanted to go to the evening one to say goodbye to him for one last time, so I came toward the end of the evening viewing which was to end at 8 p.m., hoping I could go near him then.

My BIL Jupy, who I may have mentioned before, is super loud talking all the time, a close talker, smells, and loudly coughs and clears his throat all the time. It was past 8:30 and he was still there, yakking his head off and would not stop. His voice carries into the other room too.

I asked my sister to take Jupy away, he didn't listen. I told my mother this and she said "we can't do anything about him" why is she on his side? I am crying and I could not spend an unnoisy moment with my brother.

Jupy seems to get away with all this because he is a doctor (primary care physician), he's a breeder too.

I would like to ask, if this happened to you, would you say something to Jupy? I am trying to think of how to handle the situation.
Re: I Can't stand the noise and it's no laughing matter (long)
October 07, 2017
I don't deal well with noises, either, although perhaps not as bad as you. I've gravitated toward jobs where people aren't very likely to yell, and where I can ideally work alone as much as possible.

As for the visitation, I think I would just leave, but then I don't usually attend them anyway. In my thinking, the person who is deceased is not there anyway, it's just a body, so I can say goodbye in my own mind from anywhere. The only reason I would attend is to provide support for someone else.
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