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dRump, who is running the country?

Posted by bell_flower 
dRump, who is running the country?
November 25, 2017

Firing 46 U.S. Attorneys en masse (no transition) and replacing them with political appointees that do not require Senate confirmation,

getting rid of ambassadors over at State without replacements lined up and now

pushing out career, Senior diplomats, who is actually running the country in the U.S?

Although dRump is a Republican, this is not political--this is having no idea how Government works or any respect for the knowledge of career civil servant diplomats, whom political appointees rely on to save their asses, if they are smart, because they've been doing the job longer than the appointees.

This is just bad management, plain and simple.

Peggy Noonan, staunch Republican, called it back in May
Re: dRump, who is running the country?
November 27, 2017
The Moscow Candidate

“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”
Re: dRump, who is running the country?
January 24, 2018
The Moscow Candidate

drinking coffee
Re: dRump, who is running the country?
January 29, 2018
Considering that his "base" is the uneducated, unwashed mass of deplorables who think having a college education makes you elitist, I'm not surprised.
Re: dRump, who is running the country?
January 31, 2018
One thing I find different about the Donald administration is that even though he is not a lawyer and is one of the few Presidents who is not, I have never heard so much talk of lawyers, lawsuits, law schools, and things like "recuse" and "allegations" than since Donald has been in office. This is what I hear and I am trying to avoid the news. I guess if you are a lawyer, current events are very interesting, but since I am not, I don't want to hear it. P.S. Any lawyers here? Do you keep up with all the "lawyer news"?
Re: dRump, who is running the country?
March 13, 2020
In light of current events, I'd like to bump this thread to remind everyone that our anti-intellectual president fired the U.S. Pandemic response team in 2018, and removed them from the National Security Council, as verified by snopes.

He was quoted elsewhere that these measures were part of removing people who were doing nothing and they could always bring these people back if they were needed. How is that working out?

He is an idiot that has no idea how to govern anything. Trump has no respect for civil servants, yanno the people with institutional knowledge to govern. To Trump, government is just a place to appoint his cronies and the Treasury is there for his personal gain.

He's a disgusting crook.
Re: dRump, who is running the country?
March 24, 2020
I also wonder how much the stimulus package the rethuglicans are suggesting would benefit Donald Duck because of his hotel business? It seems that the dems want to make sure the money goes to the people, not just bailouts for big companies.
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