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Oh, barf eye rolling smiley

Posted by kittehpeoples 
Oh, barf eye rolling smiley
February 07, 2018
I saw a comment on my fb page; a friend of a friend referring to last week as "the worst of her life." Someone responds and vaguely references a hospital visit. I have a friend who has someone in her life who's dying of cancer; wondering if this is my friend's friend (whose name I of course can't remember, because I'm me), I go to her page. Am I going to be consoling a distraught friend in the near future? No. This woman-- who clearly has not really suffered in her life if this is the worst thing that's ever happened to her-- miscarried just past her first trimester. There's a picture on her fb page of what looks like a cremation urn, and a very very posed one of her and presumably the clump's other DNA contributor mooning over a wrapped up baby blanket. She's full-on sympathy digging, and people are tripping over themselves to oblige.

They're going to frame the photo of them cradling the wadded up blanket. Seriously.

(Forgive if I'm not clear or at my sharpest. Not sleeping again. It's a cheap high, at least. grinning smiley )
Re: Oh, barf eye rolling smiley
February 07, 2018
Hey, update: somebody accidentally clicked the "haha" response on the "cradling the non-existent baby" photo and some of this woman's devout udder rubbers are freaking out.
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