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Chased burglars off of my property this Sunday

Posted by mumofsixbirds 
Chased burglars off of my property this Sunday
April 30, 2018
Hey guys, this is kind of ironic, but remember that thread that morphed into a gun thread? It's in the Restroom now, for good reason. I wrote on that thread that if anyone tried to rape or rob me, I'd run out with a butcher knife screaming. Anyhow, something extremely similar to that situation just happened to me yesterday morning around 6:30 am. (Sunday).

I just got out of bed and was waiting for my coffee to brew. I was a bit hung over, and I see this really nice black car outside with Washington license plates parked right across from my yard. There was a man and woman, looked to be in their late 30s, cleaning the car furiously. The doors were open, the trunk was open, and they were NOT from around here. Mind you, I live about five minutes from the border.

I was kind of puzzled, because the people didn't match the car. 6:30 on a Sunday morning in a strange street, scruffy looking couple with a shiny, black expensive looking sedan with Washington plates? I don't see much of that here because our street is a circle and I recognize almost all of the vehicles here.

The woman walks over to my front yard, and then turns to go down our long driveway to the back of the house. I got up from the table and started pounding on the window. I got her attention, and she turned to see me. I opened my front door and started screaming, "Get the FUCK off of my property NOW!" She gave me some lame-assed excuse, saying that she was borrowing our house's outside plug for their...get this...CAR BATTERY and they were stuck there all night. This was definitely not an electric car. I yelled back at her that I had better not see them here again, and to fuck off right NOW. She left, they finished doing whatever cleaning they had to do, and took off in this so-called car that wouldn't run.

I called the cops and told them if they're looking for a pair of fugitives from the States in a stolen car, I may have seen them. I realize that I could have gotten killed or something, but this angry grizzly bear instinct came out in me and I did it before I even thought about the danger. I promised my husband, family and the police that I won't do that again, and that if I see them again, I'll call 9-1-1.

The only thing missing was the butcher knife. I swear....they likely won't be back, but we are ramping up our security here on our property and I'm going to organize a Block Watch.

Fuck...they've messed with the wrong bitch. grinning smiley
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