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Haven't Been Here For A While

Posted by MerlynHerne 
Haven't Been Here For A While
November 10, 2018
Sorry not to have been here for a while, but I've been dealing with severe anemia. It's getting better so I hope to be here more regularly.

My life seems to be coming apart at the seams. Last week my wife was in the process of committing suicide, but some friends stopped her and she checked herself into a crisis center. When I visited her, she told me that she tried to commit suicide, I told her that if she kept that up she would end up in the state hospital. The whole thing devolved into a shouting match. After the staff told her I came off as cold and unloving--whatever. When she got home she went on a tirade saying that she'd talked to thirty-plus people and they all told her that she was being mentally/emotionally abused and that she should leave me. She's said she going home for a period of separation. Sure, I've hassled her plenty over the years but calling her a "snowflake" and telling her to grow the hell up and that she's oblivious scarcely rates as abuse--at least by my standards. I'm trying to get her to grow the hell up so that when I'm gone, she won't have to run home to mommy and daddy. Note the timing--she's leaving shortly before the holidays. Nice, huh? I've paid for her to go to massage school so she could work at something she liked to do--that didn't pan out. If I bring it up she says I think that money makes the world go around. Anyhow, she said if I don't work on taking my frustrations out on others, she' will divorce me. Great. That's the thanks I get for trying to help her. I'll work on it--or at least try to--and see how it goes. You tell me--is she full of it or what?

Oh yeah, she got pissed because I called her parents breeders. Well her mother is so delusional about grandchildren that she put up her foster-daughter's kids on her Fake Book photo referring to them as, yup, you guessed it--her grandchildren. Yeah, right. No picture of her with my wife or her son--just her and the two brats. My wife is oblivious and doesn't see it for the slap in the face that it is. Oh, well, she can go live with her trashy family for a while. At least I won't have to worry about her parents coming out for a visit.

A-a-a-and how was YOUR week?
Re: Haven't Been Here For A While
November 11, 2018
Well, welcome back! Sorry to learn that you are having health problems and your wife is losing her damn mind!

How old is your wife? I never wanted nor do i think I could handle the responsibility of having kids, but once I stopped working I found life really boring. It may be that your wife is having boredom issues too. I got a beagle and that made me realize more than ever that there was no way I could handle raising a kid - a dog was so much responsibility and I drove myself crazy trying to keep him occupied and happy. The only downside to having pets is that eventually they get old and die, but still a whole lot easier than raising a kid. Do you think your wife could handle a pet?
Re: Haven't Been Here For A While
November 22, 2018
Hi, I finally got a working mouse so that I can quit trying to type on a tablet keyboard. Well, she told me I insulted her parents by calling them "breeders". I've gotten to the point I consider all who have children that are not adopted to be breeders. She says I hate children...I certainly don't care for them but wouldn't harm them or tolerate their being harmed. I don't know why she's so fucking upset as she's never wanted children--probably because my slaggy SIL has a couple. They're pretty good kids, but I'm just not comfortable around them,

Also, right now, the political situation isn't the firmest for LGBT people, so I am concerned about that. She's just basically stuck her head in the ground and refuses to engage. It's like she's walking around in this self-imposed bubble. I realize that if I am to have any hope of her returning, I will simply have to accept not discussing it with her.

And well, I guess she can't deal with unvarnished truth. Also she was going to school and working. She was working to get her CNA and then wanted to go on to nursing school. If she cannot deal with working and studying to get through a CNA class, how is she going to work and get through nursing school?

So now I am working with my counsellor to see what I can do on my end. And thus it stands for the moment.

PS I'm 65 and my wife will be 42 in a few weeks. I don't know if she could deal with a pet. I know they have wolfdogs at her parents' but that's way too big for our little place. And cats are out because she is severely allergic to them.
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