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New phone and new phone service?

Posted by ondinette 
New phone and new phone service?
July 15, 2021
My 3 year old phone is starting to get weird and malfunction. I am not happy with the customer service at Boost Mobile, and they have a lot of bad reviews online (I migrated over from Virgin Mobile when they quit.) I'm confused about what to do now. For the phone I don't need anything fancy and expensive, just a basic reliable android smart phone that won't be obsolete the minute I buy it. Are Samsung Galaxy phones any good?

Re: New phone and new phone service?
July 17, 2021
I am on my second Samsung Galaxy.. I had an S5 and now have an S9 which I bought at the end of 2018. I love it. No complaints. I'm with TMobile and have been with them since 2002.
Re: New phone and new phone service?
July 18, 2021
I had to buy a new phone too because my service provider stopped support for all 3G phones. I bought a Motorola 4G android phone and so far the only issue I have with it is I get no signal at all out where I work (office is out in the woods). It seems really fancy to me because I've been using flip phones for several years and this is my first touch screen phone.

But it's only about $20 a month and you can do auto-pay with it. I got it through Net10 and got the phone for $30 (normally $50) if I purchased a plan with it. It does everything I need - I can call almost anywhere, text from home (which I couldn't do with my old one), and it's pretty easy to use. Honestly I use it more as a food journal and a grocery list than a phone, so $20 a month is pretty reasonable.
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