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New Gynecologistconfused smiley

Posted by cfuter 
New Gynecologistconfused smiley
February 24, 2023
Does anyone know a National website to find a Gynecologist only doctor?

My gyne is retiring, and I always told myself I would try to find a non-obstetrics gyne if I could once he did, so I don't have to sit in there w/ the million preggo bellies, the dumbass new-duhds, huge strollers, and screaming children.(I've been going to same clinic since the 70s and believe it or not, it actually was NOT like that back in the day)

Googling gyne w/ OB, doesnt work, nor does Gyne Only. Some stuff does come up but it is not local even if I put my city in. It is very frustrating becuz you go to these websites that refuse to put their address in an obvious location on the website. Finally u find out thet are in AZ, far far away from IL. I looked on ZOCDOC and any Gyne that was listed as Gyne (w/o OB word) was in the 'burbs and a pop-up came up and said they weren't in my Insurance network.

Even clicking Gyne for Seniors (which I'm not) gives you the same ol' stuff becuz Docs just pay to be on top of the Google lists.

I want a doctor who treats me as a woman, not as a babyee making machine, and if their clinic is listed as "Family Planning Clinic" I'm not so sure it is me, the non-mom, they actually have in mind, plus a pic of a babyee in the ad doesnt help me either.
Re: New Gynecologistconfused smiley
February 24, 2023
While it's not exactly what you're looking for, CF reddit does maintain a list of doctors who are CF friendly re sterilization. Maybe if there's one of them near you, you could at least get a sympathetic doctor even if the waiting room is full of breeders?
Re: New Gynecologistconfused smiley
March 03, 2023
Your insurance company may actually be helpful. Mine has a search by geographic area function on their website, and you can search for a gynecologist-only practice.

Mine still delivers babies, but she's a one percenter. I first saw her the week after she was back from maternity leave after having her third kid. She agreed in that visit that I needed a hysterectomy when others were hesitant because I was nullipara. No questions, no grief about being childfree and she really cares about women throughout their lives, not just the pregnant ones.
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