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What should I do?

Posted by twocents 
What should I do?
June 28, 2024
I play an online game, ants underground. I do fairly well. The alliance I am in is rather powerful, we have several satellite alliances. But as such we do attract enemies and I, myself, made a mistake because I raided an anthill (only once.. mainly to mitigate damages if I do make a mistake).. but in my defense the 'enemy' alliance had not been added to the NAP (non aggression pact) list when a raiding I did go. (sorry for the background because I think it is related to why what is going on, is)..

One of the members of ANOTHER alliance when batshit crazy (imo). to put it mildly, his reaction was far out of proportion to the mistake. He whined to me about what I had done, something about a garrison (not a clue what he meant) and acted as if I had wiped out the entire alliance. It was ONE. HIT.

Now there is an anthill in the middle of our territory with the nickname psychopancake.. but it is an alliance with one member, and called SHTstain. the problem is the message marquee below the name. Reads 'harder daddy.'.. may be it comes from being 71 and a lifetime of experience but this disturbs me. I also have a bad habit of a train of thought. I'll start from point A, think through several possibilities, iterations, escalation and conclude with point G, eliminating the steps between and then get called judgmental. If I lay out step by step my thinking process, sometimes it helps.. but I digress..

I don't know what you guys think of this but I am wondering if you all think alike... This is a threat and a potentially destructive 'bomb' of sorts. The 'daddy..' strikes me as suggestive, pornographic overtones, and even more despicable, pedophilic. With this.. abomination sitting in the middle of the alliance I fear someone could possibly complain that we are tolerating some pedo somewhere... I've spoken with one of the clan leaders who has spoken to the server clan alliance leaders, all the top leadership in our server, regarding this problem. I have even said I'd go and outline why this guy needs to be zeroed at the very least and sent packing wherever. (won't eliminate him, would just send him somewhere else). I could perhaps report him to the developers.. that is my next step (I think) because they have the power to ban a player.

I am at something of a loss. I don't know if I'm over reacting. I asked a friend from a trivia game giving her the same information and she has the same 'vibes'. it isn't a joke. was wondering what you guys think. I think my only option is to point it out to the developers and just hope they recognize it for the problem it is..

two cents ΒΆΒΆ


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