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Ninja new private message

Posted by Cambion 
Ninja new private message
July 03, 2015
This isn't an OMG enormous issue, but just something that I've taken notice of. At all times, I see a note saying "you have new private messages" at the top of my page. Once in a while, I get the pop-up that says I have a new message. Next to where it says "Inbox" I see 1 new all the time.

Problem is, I have no new messages. I've looked at them all. Other times when I do have a new message, I don't get the pop-up even though I have it enabled. I don't often check the email associated with my account because Hotmail doesn't like to load much for me anymore.

Not a big problem, but just kind of annoying. Anybody else experiencing this? confused smiley
Re: Ninja new private message
July 04, 2015
I did send you a message yesterday here...did you get it?
Re: Ninja new private message
July 05, 2015
Cambion, what kind of browser and Operating System are you using? If you are not sure, this website over here will be able to tell you:

Re: Ninja new private message
July 08, 2015
@yurble, I did get all your messages. But I mean I still get the new message notification when I have no new messages, and sometimes when I actually do have a new message, I won't get the pop-up telling me so. Absolutely none of my messages have the red flag beside them indicating I have yet to read them.

@Techie, I'm using Firefox with Windows. This isn't a big deal, but I'm just wondering why the hell I keep getting told I have a new message when I don't.
Re: Ninja new private message
July 09, 2015
Cambion, make sure that you have the latest version of Firefox, which is 39.0 as of today. To check what version you have, go to Help → About Firefox

If you are up-to-date, try clearing all cookies, close the browser, restart in new window. You can clear cookies by going into Tools → Options → Privacy → Show Cookies → Remove All.

Sometimes it helps to clear website data, one of simpler ways to do it is by going to History → Clear Recent History → Clear Everything. Under the "Details", make sure that all the boxes are selected. The ones that we are really after are Cache, Offline Website Data and Site Preferences.

Restart Firefox and try again.

If this does not work, try a different browser, like Google Chrome and see if the problem persists. Trying it from a phone is a good idea too.
Re: Ninja new private message
July 10, 2015
Cambion, I just remembered that you said that you were using a dial-up service, at least at some point you did.

Are you using a Firefox with a Fasterfox extension?

Many of the dial-up providers use web accelerators, whether they are through proxy or installed on your PC or both. These accelerators often pre-fetch the website and that is where your issue may be.

Without remotely logging into your computer, I cannot tell you what is really installed or what your network settings are, but, I suspect that your dial-up runs thru proxy. In a broad spectrum of things, I can suggest that you contact your dial-up provider and ask them how to connect to the service without the web accelerating proxy. After that, download and install Opera Browser and in the browser's settings, choose Turbo Mode (aka Off Road Mode) - that is a compression agent and it will allow you to browse the internet while optimizing for slow dial-up speed. Opera works on this website without any trouble, as long as it is PC based. On mobile devices, it is a different story.
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