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Signing up

Posted by moderators 
Signing up
February 16, 2016
Due to several mass spamming attacks currently ongoing signing up is now more of a process.

1. register.
2. receive verification email. It may end up in your spam folder so if you don't get the mail look there.
3. Moderator Approval. Since moderators aren't here 24/7 this may take some time.
Moderators have to check the control center under unapproved users to find the current pending members.
They then need to sort through the spammers to find real emails and user names. It can take up to 72 hours.

reasons you may not be approved.

1) your user name or email looks like one of the spammers.
2) It's obvious you are a parent.
3) It's obvious you are a troll.
4) you used a munged email so your verification email failed to arrive.
5) You used a throwaway email.

Spam attacks:

Asian heavy equipment sales
Douchebag concert ticket sales
religious extremists trying to save us.
kitchen appliance sales
Re: Signing up
May 12, 2016
Before you sign up:

1) On this site the definition of Childfree is very strict constructionist. If you have brought a DNA replicant into the world you are not childfree, even if you have no contact with. This includes:
  1. Adopted it out
  2. donated sperm or eggs
  3. are currently a step parent

2) If your partner has kids - no matter how old - You're not CF. Adult kids have a bad track record of showing up and moving back in. It doesn't matter if they are 30 seconds or 30 years old. They count as steps.

3) This site is not step friendly.

4) See point # 3.

5) Expect the members here to be aggressively defensive about this. In the meat world we are abused, undermined and pressured into deferring to parents all the time. This is our safe space. Your steps -and their drama - don't get to push their way in here.

6) See point # 3
Re: Signing up
June 23, 2016
Bump and protip:

You don't need some super radical I'm more childfree than you are user name. It makes you look like a troll and most likely will get you denied.
Re: Signing up
May 12, 2017
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