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Rules (Updated May 18, 2016)

Posted by Administrator 
Re: Rules (Updated October 14, 2013)
January 02, 2014
bump. Make note:

6) If you get flamed by multiple people then it's obvious YOU are the problem, not the board or its members. Re evaluate your posts or even if you belong here.
a. This is not a place for sensitive new age guys, MRA's , fluffy bunnies, kids, or fence sitters.
b. Most of the posters here have significant life experiences. There are veterans, emergency workers, executives, engineers and tech people, line workers in many fields. The members are high speed hard chargers who have been around the block. Honor that experience. Chances are they know something you do not.

7) Yes we are hard asses. We've earned it. Don't whine about it because we don't care. Stamping your feet and having an innernet butthurt will only get you flamed and on the moderators radar.
Re: Rules (Updated October 14, 2013)
March 12, 2014
Edited Rule # 6 to clarify re: thread description in the title in case of animal cruelty.
Re: Rules (Updated March 12, 2014)
April 20, 2014
Add rule 12 Don't even think of using bratfree in your user name or email. That is reserved for the site owner. It's a pure troll maneuver to use it and buys an instaban
Re: Rules (Updated March 12, 2014)
June 23, 2014
If you are put on moderation and you register with a new name to get around it you buy an iP ban.
Re: Rules (Updated June 26 , 2014)
June 27, 2014
Rules addition:

13. Board Wars suck. If you have an issue with other CF boards take up with their mods. We can't and won't fix it. Bitching about that board here does nothing but cause animosity in CF community and hands the breeders another biscuit.
a)If you leave here don't be chickenshit lamer and cry about us someplace else. Put on your big boy pants and deal with it. Not every board is for everyone. Find the one you like and Viva La Difference!
Re: Rules (Updated June 26 , 2014)
June 30, 2014
a little rules bump:

The purpose of this site is ENTERTAINMENT and STRESS RELIEF for the OMGSRSLY CHILDFREE. (If you have biological offspring, are involved in raising a minor child, or you plan to do either of the aforementioned at some point in your life, you are not childfree. You may be a step-parent, childless, unchilded or pre-childed, but you are not child-free. If you aren't sure about children, you are a fence-sitter and this is not the site for you, either.) Only CHILDFREE people may post on this site. If you're not childfree, we don't care what your reason is for being here - fuck off! We are not here to explain ourselves to you, to build a bridge, or anything of that sort.

To be blunt if you are currently a step parent this is not the site for you. You will be bounced without comment.

Ex steps without parental roles are good.
Re: Rules (Updated July 13 , 2014)
August 19, 2014
Pay heed:
rule 5

5. No threatening or plotting physical violence or any other illegal shit. This site and its members neither condone nor advocate violence.

If you have a user name or e mail that even hints at violence you're out of here. There are many posters who have been victims of violence, first responders to violence, been on the receiving end of violence while responding to violence. It isn't funny and it isn't, and never has been, acceptable on this board.

If you want to smack a person, throat punch them or anything else go the fuck away.
Re: Rules (Updated Aug 19 , 2014)
September 12, 2014
tiny cc or tiny url use them if the link is long and cumbersome.
Re: Rules (Updated March 12, 2014)
February 25, 2015
Add rule 12 Don't even think of using bratfree in your user name or email. That is reserved for the site owner. It's a pure troll maneuver to use it and buys an instaban

Re: Rules (Updated May 5, 2015)
May 05, 2015
Rule 10 has been updated. Here are examples of how you can follow this rule.

Starting a new thread? Here's an example of an appropriate title which gives some context but doesn't give any details about the cruelty:

Asshole vet in Texas (animal cruelty warning)

And here's an example of how you can reply to an existing thread which doesn't have an animal cruelty warning in the title:

This reminds me of something my sociopathic brother once did.

Animal cruelty warning
Since this is an example, and not a real incident, let's just say that my brother dressed the cat up in a doll's outfit and the cat was not amused and clawed him on the arm. My parents told him to get over it. As a bonus, the doll's clothes were ruined and he had to repay me out of his allowance. Since I hated baby dolls I was secretly thrilled by this and bought lego and kitty treats from the money.
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