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MIL doesn't want to hear...

Posted by Beatrix 
MIL doesn't want to hear...
July 20, 2005
This woman doesn't have the common sense to be ashamed of herself, but then again, neither do the moos that sound so much like her.
She wants everyone to bow down to her 'cause she's pregnant. Whhhhyyyyy aren't you worshipping meeeeee?

But you know what really gets me? I scanned down the rest of the entries and noticed this little gem:

***For me, I might have been more happy had my RE instructed me to not become pregnant. In fact, that is what I had wanted him to say.***

And then...

***And then, the unthinkable. My RE said that I should just "try again." That none of my three miscarriages meant anything in terms of my ability to carry a child. Here I am...knowing that there is no medical reason that I shouldn't be able to carry to 30 weeks when my child should be able to survive. And yet, I just can't shake the feeling that for me, this just isn't going to work.***

The woman says she and her husband wanted to adopt and looked into possibilities in Guatemala. Why the fuck didn't she do what she wanted? She doesn't have to try to get pregnant if she doesn't want to. She has to have a doctor or expert tell her because she can't think for herself. And now she is risking her life. Stupid. Sounds like the MIL thinks she's an idiot, too.

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