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Prego wants garlic-free garlic bread

Posted by cfdavep 
Prego wants garlic-free garlic bread
April 26, 2021

not regular bread. A fit ensues
Re: Prego wants garlic-free garlic bread
April 27, 2021
She needs a Translation Phone that will chirp "French Bread".


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Re: Prego wants garlic-free garlic bread
April 27, 2021
It makes me happy to see this shit is being tolerated less and less. Piggos seem to think that their "condition" entitles them to act like complete cunts and get away with it because ohhh it's babby hormones, teehee. Must be the same rule that gives them permission to gain 90 pounds and callit eating for two. Two what, exactly? Two entire armies?

If Moo wants garlic-free garlic bread so bad, then I would love for her to explain to me and the rest of the world how exactly that is supposed to be accomplished. How can you have a craving for something specific and then say you don't want the ingredient you're craving? Could also be they were jonesing for a full meal comp and figured they could blame it on alleged fetus-induced cravings.


But literally, we do nothing different to our garlic bread except use garlic butter instead of regular butter. Her husband flagged down a manager telling me, I was being condescending and that his wife had been craving this all week but garlic was making her nauseous. The manager apologized and took the bread back and told me to just bring out another loaf of bread with garlic butter on the side. I was a little annoyed, but I did it and gave it to them. The husband got angry again, told the manager I was being intentionally difficult and cruel, then left with his wife (who ate the garlic-free garlic bread, using the garlic butter).”

Sounds like they just wanted to be difficult. If you're craving something that makes you sick, then that is entirely on you to decide if it's worth the nausea afterward. I can almost understand, not from a pregnancy point of view, but I really love the fried zucchini from one particular local place, but it always makes me sick because of the grease. But I like it so much that I often will accept the stomach upset. If it makes me sick, that's my problem and I am perfectly capable of getting something else if something makes me ill. I wouldn't demand the restaurant make me zucchini-less fried zucchini, but then I'm also a rational human being.

I hope the manager doesn't let them come back because if the wife is such an entitled psychotic bitch (AND her husband backs her up), you know she's going to be a hundred times worse post-spawn and if she hauls her ass and famblee back into that establishment, I guarantee all of them will wind up with loogies in their sodas for the shitshow they caused.
Re: Prego wants garlic-free garlic bread
April 27, 2021
Due to acid reflux and a hiatal hernia, there are times in my life when a small list of specific common foods make difficult physical symptoms worse.
Do I attention-wh*re, make a public spectacle of myself and piss off food-handlers when this occurs ?

I just make smarter food choices until my body settles down so I can enjoy those indulgent foods again.
Somewhat like the behaviour of a mature and responsible adult.

But, I am not a difficult Moo, am I ?
Re: Prego wants garlic-free garlic bread
April 27, 2021
Some of the commenters are a trip. One of them said she understood "exactly" what Moo wanted--Moo just wanted the restaurant to toast the bread, put plain butter on it and give it to them. (Which the server gave them at first, but they rejected that because they didn't want to butter their own bread? )

Give the widdle Moo what she wants; pregnasty makes Moos stupid, etc. Luckily these commenters are in the minority.

And what's the Dud's excuse for being a total asshole because he's not pregnasty? My theory is that Moo is making Dud's life Hell with unreasonable requests and he's taking it out on the restaurant. I've known pregna-Moos in real life who immediately start making unreasonable demands from their husbands and acting like total shrew bitches from Hell. (It's usually because they are having a kid they didn't want, but Dud did.)
Re: Prego wants garlic-free garlic bread
April 27, 2021
I vote for take away their child. And, revoke any baby-making license.

The fact that two adults cannot verbalize they want toasted buttered bread, and/or they have to go out for this instead of just making it at home, that is what really really scares me.

They can't verbalize it but they want the waitress to read their minds after she attempts to understand. Since it made Yahoo News, I hope they recognize themselves. (But all the more reason to not post your work/family probs even anonymously online anywhere, becuz who knows? Maybe the news will pick it up, and end up getting you fired somehow. This girl was lucky there was no backlash becuz you never know what a company might be embarrassed by)
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