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cf dating

Posted by andy 
cf dating
April 13, 2005
I have a similar problem myself, I am a 23 (nearly 24) year old guy from the UK, and dating is a nightmare when you don't want kids.
It guess it must be easier if you actually WANT kids, cos then there are more people who actually want them, but when you don't your options are limited to those who don't, or don't think they do.
It's bad enough working for a family friendly company (make me work all hours of the day, not very friendly to MY family), now I have an uphill struggle trying to find someone to spend what little time i have with.
Anonymous User
Re: cf dating
April 17, 2005
I hear ya because alot of people where I'm at want babies, babies, babies and it drives me nuts.
Whenever I'm out on a date, I get breeder bingoed left and right and the last time bingo happened, I concluded the evening right then & there.
Anonymous User
Re: cf dating
April 30, 2005
I told my husband on our second date that if he was looking for the mother of his future children he should look elsewhere because I have no desire to have kids and never will. I think it's important to get that out there right away, and our first date went well and we were getting along so well that I figured the beginning of the second date was the best time for it. That way he could get out before feelings were hurt.

He thought about it for a couple of weeks. He always thought he'd have kids, but he'd been married twice before (to women who claimed they wanted kids, too) and never had any. He doesn't hate children like I do, either. But after a couple of weeks he told me he was fine with it. Then after 2 years he asked me to marry him. It was then I found out that he had actually been grappling the CF situation the whole time, and decided after two years he was certain he was extremely happy with me and having children was unimportant.

I lucked out, he's an awesome guy and we're very happy in our CF life with our doggies and our groovy house and lifestyle. We pity his breeder co-worker friends when they tell us they can't go out to a concert or for dinner because they have no money. Or the one time we went out with a couple who didn't want to go home before their baby sitter put the little bastards to bed. I said, "Wow, your home life with your kids is so awful you don't even want to go home when they're awake?" That went over like a lead balloon, they falling all over themselves to explain that they loooove their children but, but, but, but... Whatever.
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