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ChildFree Discussion & Ranting (this is where most of the action takes place) 
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Babystalk, babystalk, it's a wonder you can walk   (Pages: 1 ... 33 34 35)

by SlumSlut
Last Post by bunny

The "I got bingo-ed" thread   (Pages: 1 ... 41 42 43)

by juliewashere88
Last Post by cats_galore

Child Free Does NOT Equal Child Haterangry   (Pages: 1 2)

by kidlesskim
Last Post by barren4ever

Kre8ive Names   (Pages: 1 ... 27 28 29)

by casey
Last Post by freetobeme

Thumb Up"Hurray I'm registered!"Thumb Up(use this thread to introduce yourself)   (Pages: 1 ... 49 50 51)

by zeropop
Last Post by elvirus

The Childfree Cultural Archive!   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by thom_c
Last Post by screaming sausage

Our cre8ive CF glossary   (Pages: 1 ... 8 9 10)

by Dogsmeow2
Last Post by yurble

Epic Threads

by moderators
Last Post by Peace

"But why can't other people pay to watch my kid?"

by jmc
153201/25/2015 01:44PM
Last Post by catharsist

Will measles kill The Mouse?

by Dorisan
87301/25/2015 01:39PM
Last Post by catharsist

Mum will not pay $20 and takes it to the media.

by Techie
126401/25/2015 01:10PM
Last Post by peace-n-quiet

Schtupping Out...‘Holly Hobby Lobby’ Cheated On Vet Husband At Family Values Conference

by navi8orgirl
1,3061801/25/2015 12:21PM
Last Post by StudioFiftyFour

I posted on a support forum for abusive parents, breeder/ femoonist comes to tell me off.   (Pages: 1 2)

by seamstress
1,3753001/25/2015 06:52AM
Last Post by Dorisan

A rant and a celebration! (Annoying kid and 1 week left!)

by catharsist
199301/25/2015 06:01AM
Last Post by stillwaters

Something the nurse at the Planned Parenthood clinic said to me that I find very interesting

by seamstress
340401/25/2015 05:30AM
Last Post by t.
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Jebus said I was cured...

by bookworm
  This topic has been moved.

From The Onion, but I wonder if the article doesn't contain some truth

by Dorisan
339301/25/2015 12:09AM
Last Post by catharsist

"I'm Not Pregnant, It's Just My Belly"

by LucyTrainWreck
627301/24/2015 08:43PM
Last Post by redheadedharlot

backyard pools should be banned! WTF!

by ladybug2203
1,0091001/24/2015 07:33PM
Last Post by seamstress

I have two calves on the udder. My in-laws aren't comfortable.

by Dorisan
1,5471901/24/2015 07:04PM
Last Post by evilchildlessbitch

Another Moo Lawyer Ready To Screw You Over

by paragon schnitzophonic
844701/24/2015 06:39PM
Last Post by evilchildlessbitch

5 yo shoots 9 months old brother... or perhaps a PNA?

by t.
Last Post by t.

Half of All US Children will be Autistic by 2025   (Pages: 1 2)

by essuredly
Last Post by StudioFiftyFour

State of the Union Address

by deegee
Last Post by Techie

Shouldn't my neighbors expect my spawn to be shrieking hellions during the majority of their waking hours? Moo ponders.confused

by stillwaters
Last Post by navi8orgirl

May I Throw Up Now? (What Moo Wants U.S. Companies to know about Moo Leave) Attachments

by cats_galore
Last Post by randomcfchick

It's moo v moo in school parking lot.

by thom_c
Last Post by LoveToLurk

"for a starting price of just £9.99 you too can screw up your life"

by screaming sausage
Last Post by randomcfchick

"alienated" moos WTF!

by sue_basu
Last Post by selidororous

How breeders ruin everything

by yummynotmummy
Last Post by mumofsixbirds

Appalling comment from breeder scum

by CherryIce
Last Post by bookworm

Mother Set Newborn on Fire on New Jersey Road

by MerlynHerne
Last Post by peace-n-quiet

Why I'm Not Having Kids and You Shouldn't Either

by essuredly
Last Post by yurble