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ChildFree Discussion & Ranting (this is where most of the action takes place) 
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Thumb Up"Hurray I'm registered!"Thumb Up(use this thread to introduce yourself)   (Pages: 1 ... 50 51 52)

by zeropop
Last Post by mumofsixbirds

Babystalk, babystalk, it's a wonder you can walk   (Pages: 1 ... 32 33 34)

by SlumSlut
Last Post by starlady

The "I got bingo-ed" thread   (Pages: 1 ... 39 40 41)

by juliewashere88
Last Post by bunny

Kre8ive Names   (Pages: 1 ... 22 23 24)

by Anonymous User
Last Post by retro lizard

Child Free Does NOT Equal Child Haterangry   (Pages: 1 2)

by kidlesskim
Last Post by Anonymous User

Our cre8ive CF glossary   (Pages: 1 ... 8 9 10)

by Dogsmeow2
Last Post by trekkie monster

The Childfree Cultural Archive!   (Pages: 1 2)

by thom_c
Last Post by screaming sausage

Epic Threads

by moderators
Last Post by Peace

Words as sprog names

by cfdavep
9942108/29/2015 10:20PM
Last Post by paragon schnitzophonic

Entitlemooing at its finestangry

by aes sedai
656808/29/2015 10:11PM
Last Post by freya

Parents with multiple children are the happiest of all family sizes, study concludes.

by videogamesforeverkidsnever
1,0412108/29/2015 10:01PM
Last Post by StudioFiftyFour

Boyfriend beats 3 year old for peeing on him

by freya
37108/29/2015 09:57PM
Last Post by freya

TV's subliminal influence on women's perception of pregnancy and birth   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by freya
2,0115408/29/2015 09:54PM
Last Post by selidororous

Breastfeeding driver ticketed

by freya
45108/29/2015 09:49PM
Last Post by freya

Bizarre, unnecessary vehicle "upgrades"

by randomcfchick
8741608/29/2015 09:20PM
Last Post by freya

Dear Prudence: a case of "my abortion was right, but all others are wrong"   (Pages: 1 2)

by Dorisan
1,5162608/29/2015 04:58PM
Last Post by StudioFiftyFour

Philosopher wants the world to breed thumbs down

by Peace
196308/29/2015 04:41PM
Last Post by StudioFiftyFour

Happy things smiling

by teao the cat
514808/29/2015 04:34PM
Last Post by teao the cat

because a nail salon is totally appropriate for little kids

by evilchildlessbitch
443508/29/2015 03:56PM
Last Post by twocents

Why is this happening to me?

by coco uk
344508/29/2015 12:08PM
Last Post by thom_c

Billy Joel has a kid at 66   (Pages: 1 2)

by Techie
2,1043208/29/2015 10:25AM
Last Post by bop

Pathetic parunt contestants whining about how much they "miss their kyyyyydzzz"

by yummynotmummy
Last Post by craftyzits

"We must now allow special-needs children in the program."thumbs down

by nobodylikesyourkidbutyou
Last Post by craftyzits

Breastapo attention-whoring backfiresThumb Wink

by screaming sausage
Last Post by coco uk

How to deal with child-centric job when you hate kids   (Pages: 1 2)

by Cambion
Last Post by evilchildlessbitch

Only little kids go back to school?

by blondie
Last Post by coco uk

More Duggar Family "Values." Josh the Perv also had an account with Ashley Madison   (Pages: 1 2)

by Dorisan
Last Post by evilchildlessbitch

apparently we are part of societys deterioration......   (Pages: 1 2)

by ladybug2203
Last Post by selidororous

Begging for "likes" on Facebook to get a puppy. thumbs down

by videogamesforeverkidsnever
Last Post by randomcfchick

Goodamn Delusional MIL!

by MerlynHerne
Last Post by randomcfchick

Two Abortion Stories Both Involving Anti Choicers..

by pitbullgirl1965
Last Post by pitbullgirl1965

This is the world pro liars want *trigger warning*

by KitsNotKids
Last Post by blondie

PMYABP drunk duhd pees on disabled neighbor for complaining about his kids

by ladybug2203
Last Post by thom_c