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ChildFree Discussion & Ranting (this is where most of the action takes place) 
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Thumb Up"Hurray I'm registered!"Thumb Up(use this thread to introduce yourself)   (Pages: 1 ... 48 49 50)

by zeropop
161,0981,24009/02/2014 07:22AM
Last Post by night owl

The "I got bingo-ed" thread   (Pages: 1 ... 39 40 41)

by juliewashere88
187,6111,00609/02/2014 06:56AM
Last Post by bell_flower

Babystalk, babystalk, it's a wonder you can walk   (Pages: 1 ... 31 32 33)

by SlumSlut
Last Post by awesominatrix

The Childfree Cultural Archive!   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by thom_c
Last Post by screaming sausage

Child Free Does NOT Equal Child Haterangry   (Pages: 1 2)

by kidlesskim
Last Post by gymrat

Kre8ive Names   (Pages: 1 ... 26 27 28)

by casey
Last Post by awesominatrix

Our cre8ive CF glossary   (Pages: 1 ... 8 9 10)

by Dogsmeow2
Last Post by yurble

Epic Threads

by moderators
Last Post by Peace

I need some good ideas!   (Pages: 1 2)

by rockchick
1,2282709/02/2014 11:46AM
Last Post by rockchick

CRAZY Zsuzsanna

by lar19
1,0052209/02/2014 11:37AM
Last Post by screaming sausage

Bullets and Burgers with a side of brains   (Pages: 1 2)

by Dorisan
1,3172609/02/2014 11:14AM
Last Post by mumofsixbirds

Well, this a a surprise Roll-Eyes (Jill Duggar knocked up)

by barbur
1,6332509/02/2014 10:32AM
Last Post by cj

A Future Bratfree Member?

by deegee
8311009/02/2014 10:14AM
Last Post by bell_flower

Whales Don't Like Being Tormented By Kids In Zoos Shocker

by screaming sausage
8831209/02/2014 12:51AM
Last Post by mr. neptune

New way to commit PNA - drinking & deep water

by aliceblue
139109/01/2014 10:54PM
Last Post by aliceblue
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This Just Pisses Me Offangryangry

by MerlynHerne
  This topic has been moved.

Dawkins on Down's

by yurble
1,5291809/01/2014 07:56PM
Last Post by peace-n-quiet

Stupidity needs to be allowed to be more fatal.

by gnocchi
805909/01/2014 05:58PM
Last Post by StudioFiftyFour

Sure, Repugs, great way to attract female voters to the GOP

by Dorisan
1,0411809/01/2014 04:53PM
Last Post by Zzelda

Another Darwin Award Winner`

by MerlynHerne
443609/01/2014 04:46PM
Last Post by strange aeons

Breeder Bonanza Bus Ride From Hell angry

by popcornculturejunkie
337309/01/2014 01:57PM
Last Post by law

Babby make moo love/grow up/less selfish...Roll-Eyes

by aliceblue
8731309/01/2014 01:24PM
Last Post by paragon schnitzophonic

Swiss Sizzler

by selidororous
Last Post by yurble

Severe Texas anti abortion bill struck down by judge

by ex lurker
Last Post by evilchildlessbitch
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Alimony--Not Just Child Support--Can Make You Suicidal (Robin Williams)

by loavesstillsuck
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Jennifer Aniston: "value as a woman" has nothing to do with breeding

by yurble
Last Post by Miss_Hannigan

Sorry you ruined your lady parts e-card

by aliceblue
Last Post by barren4ever

Kid Expelled From Kristian Preschool After his Moo's Facebok rant

by bell_flower
Last Post by reala_tea

F* you Prudie, this isn't a Diane Keaton movie   (Pages: 1 2)

by Dorisan
Last Post by MerlynHerne

How to Tell Your Wife You Don't Want Any Children

by Techie
Last Post by Zzelda

Tards v. Big Rat Part II   (Pages: 1 2)

by aliceblue
Last Post by benry

I see an oopsie coming...Soon...

by Techie
Last Post by benry

Maybe we should call this 'Child Baited'

by starlady
Last Post by rudeawakening