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Babystalk, babystalk, it's a wonder you can walk

Posted by SlumSlut 
Re: Babystalk, babystalk, it's a wonder you can walk
June 13, 2018
At the hospital earlier this week in waiting room. Surrounded by people with serious ailments -- cancer, in wheelchairs unable to walk, etc. And then there's a grandmoo essentially shouting and blowing bubbles IN THE WAITING ROOM for her grandson. She was SO annoying. I almost asked the receptionist to intervene, but she wasn't there long before the brood's appointment. So exceptionally rude. I could tell others were irritated and even heard one woman remark under her breath that the grandmoo needed to STFU.
Re: Babystalk, babystalk, it's a wonder you can walk
June 17, 2018
At the grocery store and in the cold food dessert section. As always, I come prepared with closed toe shoes because there are way too many people in society who basically live for one instant gratification to the next gratification impulse and will step on your toe and break it to get to the desserts. There are narrow glass doors throughout this section, so if someone is in the doorway they are the only one who will fit. I really love this feature because I don't have to worry about random arms reaching over me and smacking me because I dare to be there first and stand between them and their instant gratification. It is made for one person at a time. I see in the glass that there is some hyperactive older kid less than one inch behind me who probably has had sugar in the last 15 minutes based on her behavior. Kid hasn't been taught (or figured out) that the door is too small to allow more than one person at a time. It isn't as if she can reach over me because there is no room.

What the brat wants is for me to move so she can have her instant gratification because it was quite clear that at her older kid age/young teenager age that no one has every called her on this "I'm a kid so everyone loves me and all the stupid and rude things I do" annoying behavior. Trust me, her little diva attitude most likely isn't earning her friends at school either. Also, it is obvious this kid hasn't been denied much of anything in the food department. I make my selection, ignore her, step back by about an inch to shut the door and smack her while doing so because she is wider than me and literally blocking me from leaving. She cries out "ouch!" in a fake whiny attention getting stupid voice (again, a major friend deterrent at that age) and I say "maybe next you'll patiently wait your turn and respect other people's personal space, brat".

Seriously, it isn't a mosh pit. If it were I wouldn't be within 5 miles of it!
Re: Babystalk, babystalk, it's a wonder you can walk
June 18, 2018
You are now my personal hero. heart
Seriously though, I spent the whole reading of that post hoping you'd smack it in its fat face!
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