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Rant #85 - Breeding no matter what

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Rant #85 - Breeding no matter what
January 24, 2005

(I guess I'll kick start the board...)
That is really jacked up. I'll never understand why people with those kinds of health problems insist on having more kids KNOWING they could die or inflict their diseases/health problems on their children. Reproducing when you know your children have a high chance of being born with "lobster" limbs is cruel IMO.

Re: Rant #85 - Breeding no matter what
January 25, 2005
The thing is, these shows always show the one person who beat the odds. You don't see the women with high blood pressure who DIED or who had a bad outcome with miscarriage or stillbirth or a vegetable for a kid. Babies = sunshine and light and a happy ending. NOT.
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