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thumbs updown Dumbass eHarmony Commercial Featuring Girl with Speech Impediment

I was looking for a YouTube version of a dumbass eHarmony commercial I saw tonight when I came across this dumbass eHarmony commercial. It stars a future-Mean-Girl-looking little girl named Caroline and her "grandfather" who happens to be the guy who created the site.

Earth to eHarmony: speech impediments are not cute and never have been.

Oh how I LOATH when they use all these snotty sounding kids.I swear that about 75 % of kids in commercials talks as if they need to blow their noses. 50% do it so bad I don't know WTF they are saying.
What is a little girl doing advertising a dating website? She should be in school or playing. eHarmony lost a potential future customer. She is quite the downer.thumbs updown
That commercial is disgusting. When I first saw it I wondered what was so cute about a kid that needs to be told to mind her own business and leave people alone.
Is the message "a beautiful union creates pretty babies and no matter what you'll never regret it"?

"Don't you know how to deal with children?!"
"I don't like animals who act on instinct."
I think you're on to something Akihiko.
This is inappropriate as well as a deterrent to using that dating site, not to mention ridiculous.thumbs updown

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If YOU are the "exception" to what I am saying, then why does my commentary bother you so much?
I don't hate your kids, I HATE YOU!
I met my husband on eHarmony and I am very happy I used the site (as is he). However, they do make some pretty dumbass commercials, including this one. The only thing that irritates me more in that commercial than the bratty-sounded kid is Neil Warren dumbing down to talk to her on what I guess is supposed to be a "kid level". Especially since she is hardly a toddler. Yuck.
"more marriages" LOL, as if marriage was the point to finding a good mate. Fuck that, my partner and I are together without paperwork. We don't need it, and don't want it, and we don't want to be part of that 50% divorce rate statistic if we ever decided to part sometime in the future. [Another point towards being childfree: if you and your partner don't work out, even 20 years from now, it's not a big deal, just decide who gets what belongings and off you go! No kids to worry about, no alimony, no child support, no visiting schedule, no holidays to fight over, nothin'.] Besides, I'm trans, and technically our marriage would be a gay marriage, which of course is not legal here. e_e

And a snotty little brat in pigtails isn't gonna make me want to join your site, sorry, dude. It's a homophobic site anyway, it only allows you to talk to the opposite sex from what I understand. How awkward and limiting. There are much better, FREE sites for this.
Two things strike me about this commercial, neither of them good. The first is whether or not the "granddaughter" in this commercial actually has a speech impediment. There's no harm if she truly has a problem, but I am sick to stinking death of kids speaking like they have this problem because some exec think it sounds cute. This problem is neither cute nor should it be faked. Secondly, and maybe even more irritating is that idiot teacher it talking to a bunch of little kids, his love life, and finding a mate on some dating site. Sick, disturbing, and totally inappropriate. E-Harmony - pull this horrid add!
I don't think it is a speech impediment. "Caroline" talks like she has a mouthful of dicks. Which just may be serious foreshadowing...

From a bottle cap message on a Magic Hat #9 beer: Condoms Prevent Minivans
I want to pick up a bus full of unruly kids and feed them gummi bears and crack, then turn them loose in Hobby Lobby to ransack the place. They will all be wearing T shirts that say "You Could Have Prevented This."
Let me tell you about EHarmony and the tomfuckery going on over there. What a waste of time that shit was. I did it a few years back and never got a single date out of it. It didn't help that they would pair me up with guys in other states and then force me to go through their confounded game-playing bullshit just to get to talk to the guy in an email.

My membership expired after 6 months and they went ahead and charged my credit card for another 6 months. So I called them up and told them that I was opting out and to please cancel my account and reverse the charge. This was within a day of the initial renewal charge.

The jackhole on the other end of the line actually said the following to me: "You should have read the fine print about how membership is automatically renewed and you must actively cancel your account. AS PUNISHMENT FOR NOT READING PROPERLY, I AM ONLY GOING TO REFUND HALF OF THE MONEY."

Needless to say I went into vapor lock.

On a side note, EHarmony has been reported to the Better Business Bureau several thousand times for making it nearly impossible to find their customer service number so that you can, in fact, cancel your membership. It definitely took some doing, and they've been accused of purposely making it difficult so that they can automatically renew you, which is also not obviously stated, instead of making it easy to cancel.

I've had waaaay better luck with Match.com, having met my current sweetheart on there about a year and a half ago.
Sorry about the threadjack also, EHarmony just sends me over the edge.
Just saw this piece of shit commercial. Oh, how it grates on my very last nerve. I was just about to necro this thread. If that speech impediment is real, they need to get that kid a speech therapist. Reminds me of that guy from The Big Bang Theory, FFS- a gwown man who can't pwonounce his Rs. Kwipke, I think.
I also had trouble getting money back from E-Whore-Money, as someone here once called it. It was easier for me to call my credit card company and have them fight the charge. That was the ONLY thing that got me a refund.
I can't stand that effin kid. She and her lisp, fake or real, are not at all cute. She comes across as a rude little snot, not "preciously precocious" as they probably intend. I've also heard the same about E-hawmony, that they discriminate against LGBT, so I can just imagine the "value system" behind their so-called psychological analysis that they use to match people. And that billing issue is just so underhanded.
Jesus poledancing Christ, this commercial. This and that DirecTV commercial with the tardler who doesn't "wike" dish network. Why the fuck do advertisers think everyone wants to hear some drooling kyd babble like a tard? It sure as shit doesn't make me want to buy their product.
I don't think it is a speech impediment. "Caroline" talks like she has a mouthful of dicks. Which just may be serious foreshadowing...

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So succinct, so hysterical, so true! I'll never be able to watch that commercial without losing it. waving hellolarious
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