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Janet Jackson is the latest Geezer Breeder Idiot

Posted by bell_flower 
Re: Janet Jackson is the latest Geezer Breeder Idiot
June 04, 2018
The kid is just a way for them to get at each other. I've seen middle class people do this too and the only difference is they bankrupt themselves.

I worked with one of them who deserves the C word all the way. Her ex was admittedly a decent father and he wanted shared custody. This wasn't common in 1990 and she fought him all the way to the Illinois Supreme court. Her legal fees were $60,000 at the time and her ex probably incurred similarly. She "won" and had full-time custody of the kid, but then actually whined how haaaaaaaard it was to have the kid all the time and that she "needed a break." When it started interfering with her social life, she let her ex have the kid at least half the time. Within three years she was knocked up with her boyfriend's kid and he became Husband #2. I lost track of her.

The only party that wins in these situation is the lawyers, many of whom are more than happy to run up the bill and give all sorts of promises.

If you don't breed this won't be your life.

Wow, 60K in 1990. She could have done something substantial with that amount of money besides pissing it away on lawyers then relenting and letting the ex have split custody anyway. Wondering if there are very many retired folks running around paying off huge court fees from custody battles. It just always seems so nasty and just when you think it couldn't get worse it does. ##Avoidcustodyfees...gochildfree!
Re: Janet Jackson is the latest Geezer Breeder Idiot
June 07, 2018
I hope she likes drama late in life becuz that is all she produced when she geezer breeded this kid. The kid is still so young and they already don't get along????? geez good thing they made a babyee
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