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Thrift store tards - two from the same famblee

Posted by Cambion 
Thrift store tards - two from the same famblee
September 01, 2017
Sorry for my serial posting, but Wednesday was a two-fer in terms of breeder bullshit.

Fucking hell, all I wanted to do was go to the thrift store for one goddamn thing and to look at the movies. Of course, it was when somebody decided to take their tards off their leashes and let them loose in the store.

One was a tard of maybe ten years old that kept running back and forth down the toy aisle making tard "duhhhh duhhhh" moaning noises. Of course, since I wanted to look at the movies, Tard-Moo had her ass parked right in front of the movie shelf for about 15 minutes with Tard-Duh. I also really really had to pee and there was no customer bathroom anywhere nearby, so I was kind of in a hurry. She was picking out movies for Tardley, as if he would honestly be paying any attention to the fucking things. I guarantee you anything the proud parents could play the same motherfucking Disney movie for the tard for a decade straight and he would never know the difference. Their cart was parked diagonally across the aisle, so there was no way to go around them either.

And in true brat fashion, Tardley managed to find the loudest and most annoying toy in the entire store (some stupid stick with a horn on it) and started doing laps around the place honking the damn thing constantly. I also nearly got mowed down by the boy tard while waiting in line at the register. There was about a foot between myself and the person in front of me and Tardley ran right between us honking his fucking stick and making that scream-moan-grunt noise tards love making as he passed me. You know the one. "HNNEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!"

Tardley has a grown tard sister who I have seen before in the store. She's not annoying - just very awkward. Quotes Spongebob a lot for no reason, including saying "fish sticks" and "fish paste" for no reason at all. She was feebly telling her tard sibling (who I learned was named "Angel" LOLWUT eye rolling smiley) to shut up and stop honking, but Tardley was completely out in space on a mission and paid his sister no heed. Of course the parents were nowhere to be found because why should they mind their little scholar when everyone else will?

Tardette was wearing one of those orange jackets construction workers tend to wear so morons in cars can see them. That's comforting knowing this idiot is anywhere near heavy machinery. Here's hoping all she does is hold a stop sign in work zones. I also heard her going on and on repeatedly about getting her certification as an EMT, of all things. Somebody please hold me and tell me hospitals aren't that desperate that they'll put retards in charge of people's lives in the backs of moving vehicles.
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