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The most effective way to skip a line

Posted by tea princess 
The most effective way to skip a line
April 08, 2018
We have elections in Hungary and due to some fuckup in some cities there is an exceedingly long line at the voting booths. (Most of the people queueing are there to vote against the current government*, which is a breeder-pleaser ultra-Christian one, so I hope they won't give up even though they have to stand in line for hours.)

an image of the longest line (3d picture on the page)

Of course whenever the subject of these long lines comes up in a discussion, someone will always add "I was with a baby and they let me skip the line", "I brought my toddler and they were nice enough to let us in before everyone else". If I was standing in that line, I would be pissed as hell that they can get in before me. Why on earth would anyone bring a kid to an election? If someone can't afford a babysitter once in every four years, he/she probably shouldn't have a kid...

* The lines are long because if one votes in a different city than his or her permanent address, he/she needs to register in the other city in advance; for those who vote in the capital only one voting place is designated per district, and with thousands of voters sent to the same building things can get chaotic. Most people who vote away from their homes are university students, and the ruling party is not popular in that age group, so I know for sure that these are opposition voters. (also, this makes me pretty sure that this chaos was intentionally created by the government.)
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