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Single parents paying more for holidays

Posted by yurble 
Single parents paying more for holidays
June 07, 2018
Except the headline doesn't really match the content, which is complaining about how there is an extra surcharge for package holidays if there is only one adult. One, this has nothing to do with children, it has to do with there being one adult, and fees being based on the assumption of two adults sharing a room. News flash, single adults without children also have to pay more than half the price of a two person booking. Two, who the hell goes on a package tour these days anyway?

In addition to complaining about the surcharge on hotels, the article also whines that children often don't get to fly for free unless they are with two adults, as if failure to provide an unwarranted discount is unfair. Guess who has to pay for a seat every time they want to use it? Adults without children, that's who. It doesn't matter if you travel alone or with five friends, you're still paying for every single seat, always. But that's not what the charity Gingerbread thinks, as they advocate for "single parents to be treated equally." Great - let's start treating parents and people without children equally! I guarantee parents won't like it when their discriminatory discounts vanish.
Re: Single parents paying more for holidays
June 07, 2018
If I can I avoid any vacation, restaurant, etc. that offers a discount for children. I'm fine with a discount for a hotel room because 2 or more people sharing a hotel room is a discount which isn't age discriminatory and is based on sharing the same space.

Sounds like Gingerbread was developed by whiners for whiners. A circle jerk of stupidity one-up man ship.

I'm also all for "single parents to be treated equally" and we can start with removing any lifestyle tax credits, head of household lowered tax rates or deductions they received for sluicing. No more freebie feeding troughs. If they want it, pay for it just like everyone else, it is equal treatment.
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