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Womb transplants - now possible with organ donors

Posted by yurble 
Womb transplants - now possible with organ donors
December 09, 2018
Just what the world needs. Womb transplants from corpses. And don't think you're too old for your organs to be used this way: "A year ago, a baby girl was born by caesarean section in a hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, after being conceived by IVF. What made the birth unique was that the child had been gestated in a womb transplanted from a 45-year-old woman who had died."


Births resulting from uterus transplants have been happening since 2014, but for all previous children conceived this way, the donor was alive. That, understandably, places severe limits on the availability of the organs. This demonstration, reported in the Lancet – that a uterus can be successfully preserved and transplanted from a deceased person – could relax the supply bottleneck for women otherwise unable to conceive because of uterine problems.

As things stand, I don't see how a CF woman who is an anti-natalist could want to be an organ donor. It's one thing to improve the quality of life of people already living, and quite another to enable breeding.

There are some other ethical objections being made:


But uterus transplants also raise complicated questions for feminism. “There is a feminist position that supports the uterus transplant, arguing that it allows women … to be included in an experience that is, for some, central to and defining of femaleness,” wrote body theorist Sharrona Pearl. But, she added, that is part of the problem: “The uterus transplant supports the social norm of pregnancy as fundamental to being a woman.” Uterus transplants imply that the risks of the procedure are worth it, says Pearl, “in order to fulfil women’s alleged biological destiny as carriers of future children”.

This tension is nothing new. Ever since the early discussions of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF in the 1920s, they have split opinion about the implications for gender roles and female choices in particular. The idea promoted then by biologists such as JBS Haldane of gestation in artificial wombs – ectogenesis – was welcomed by progressives as an emancipating technology that would free women from the duties of childbearing and the associated constraints on opportunity.

In the 1970s, Shulamith Firestone, author of The Dialectic of Sex, was an enthusiastic advocate of ectogenesis for those reasons, saying that only by being relieved of responsibility for childbearing could women hope for social equality. To Firestone, pregnancy was “barbaric” and tyrannical. Others feared that an artificial womb (which remains beyond the means of today’s technology) would sever the mother-child bond and deprive women of their role. “If that last power is taken and controlled by men,” wrote sociologist Robyn Rowland, “what role is envisaged for women in the new world?”

IVF itself has elicited similar concerns. For all that it offers some women their only chance of pregnancy and childbirth, it can seem too much like the commodification of a woman’s body by a male-dominated techno-elite. In the mid-1980s, the German radical feminist group Rote Zora bombed IVF clinics and stole documents, while the feminist network FINRRAGE (Feminist International Network of Resistance to Reproductive and Genetic Engineering) has long expressed scepticism about assisted reproductive technology from feminist and socialist perspectives.

But it's pretty clear what conclusions the article will draw despite the author saying there is no easy answer and things must be discussed with compassion.
Re: Womb transplants - now possible with organ donors
December 09, 2018
Damn, am I happy not to be an organ donor. That thought of being a spare part arsenal was always not appealing to me, and being a misanthrope, the slogan of "saving people" never spoke to me, since most of them that I met around this place, were assholes, whom I certainly wouldn't want to help with a freaking body part. But this. This is kicking every good notion about organ donation overboard. The bare thought that a part of me would be used by a breeder to breed more environment-destroying loafies... Urgh, Just Urgh. Never gonna support that shit.

Lemme get this straight. The obsession of breeders with their own DNA is so deep, that they go full-risk-Frankenstein for thousands of bucks, just to shit out an "own" loafie, while these said bucks could have been easygoingly invested in adopting an existing, miserable sprog, and for a change done a good, not-self-righeous deed? Fucking sick, in my book.

And these dispicable quotes again, about sprogging being "core of femininity" and "destiny" or whatever bullcrap. Makes me wanna puke right into these conservative's assholes faces, who always say that. And why the fuck is it said in connection to Feminism? Or did I misread?? Isnt feminism supposed to make women equal and set em free, instead of going back to this draconic shit? I mean ya, they kinda mildly mention that its a problem, imposing the "gender roles" and all, but I feel that the "positive" side is so much more emphasized. One-sided.
This Rowland asshole really has some nerve! Goes so far as to say, that if women dont have the "sprogging role", then they wouldnt have a role in the new world!" WTF. As if women cant do any job that some male does. They can and they do. Jeez.
The quotes of that Firestone person was the only breath of fresh air in that text, calling prenancy tyranny and barbarism. Duuuh, finally someone appearantly famous having the guts to say it.

"No easy answers". LOL. Nice way to play safe, Mr. most-likely-pro-natalist Journalist.

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