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22 year old moo of FOUR probably dead

Posted by cfdavep 
22 year old moo of FOUR probably dead
January 23, 2019

Missing moo of four was out at a bar after birthing twins a week before and was last seen leaving the bar with men. I guess looking for the father of number 5. It is looking like she may have been murdered
Re: 22 year old moo of FOUR probably dead
January 23, 2019
I thought moohood was TMIJITW with all the mooing and lowing they do about the subject.

Shouldn't a new moo who just calved twins be at home recovering and/or taking care of the children she chose to have? What about beefing?

4 children by age 22. That means she started breeding at the end of high school at the latest.

Glad this won't ever be me.
Re: 22 year old moo of FOUR probably dead
January 31, 2019
This whole thing is really sketchy. We can definitely wonder why a mom of four kids is out late at night, but maybe she got a sitter and wanted to just go out and have fun. I read a few articles about her, and it looks like she was close to her family and friends, so she wasn't some person on the fringes of society.

Here's the point I'm getting to. There is an epidemic of human trafficking in the United States. The perpetrators aren't just going after runaway or orphaned girls; they are now targeting young women with stable home lives, educations, etc. YouTube is rife with young women sharing stories about how they were almost trafficked and/or abducted. Sometimes these traffickers even use apps like U!ber and L!ft to target unsuspecting women.

I'm thinking that this women could have been abducted. There is a chance she made some poor decisions, but maybe one of the guys she was with acted friendly until it was time to do something horrible to her.

Re: 22 year old moo of FOUR probably dead
February 01, 2019
I was going to blurt out, "How do you have four kids by 22," but caught myself. After all, when I was in high school there was a junior pregnant with her second child.

Frankly, as fucked up as that tiny town was, I'm surprised there weren't more kids with kids. Our county, an area dotted with lightly-populated farming communities, had the second highest teen preg rate in the state, second only to the state's population epicenter as it was.
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