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"All Ages" show starts at 2:00 am

Posted by blondie 
"All Ages" show starts at 2:00 am
February 28, 2019
Rant ahead-

How is this appropriate as an All Ages Show? Who would bring their kids to a demented experimental jazz jam show that starts at 2:00 am? This should be at least 18+ like many of the shows which start at normal times.... It seems cool I would love to go as I have seen these talented guys play separately, but if I saw any kids there I would be unhappy. Some things should be sacred, like acid jazz in the middle of the night.

Joy Theater New Orleans-

Les Claypool’s Bastard Jazz (FRIDAY LATE NIGHT)
Feat. Les Claypool, Mike Dillon, Stanton Moore, & Skerik
Sat · May 4, 2019
Doors: 1:45 am / Show: 2:00 am
$30.00 - $50.00
This event is all ages

Scratches head. Not child friendly, at all.

If anyone is interested, YouTube video-

Bastard Jazz
Re: "All Ages" show starts at 2:00 am
March 01, 2019
Hmmm...this reminds me of when I was in grade 3 or 4, our school had an acid jazz band come and play in the gymnasium one day. I ended up leaving the gym with a terrible headache. It was so bad, I was almost throwing up. It was the first serious headache I remember.

I can't imagine what that would have been like for me if it was the middle of the night. Anyone that brings their kids to a show like that is an asshole. Not just because it'll probably ruin the show for the other patrons, but because it could cause their kids extreme pain.
Re: "All Ages" show starts at 2:00 am
March 01, 2019
I thought it was super-important for kids to keep a schedule...part of the "kids crave discipline" thing. Plus sleep being healthy. And concert-level noise being bad for a kid's hearing.

So anybody who brings a kid to something like this isn't just being rude to everybody around them, they're being a shitty parent, too. Raise your hands if you're surprised.
Re: "All Ages" show starts at 2:00 am
March 05, 2019
I'd hate to risk being up in the middle of the night and spending $30-50 only to listen to tired kids whine and cry.
Re: "All Ages" show starts at 2:00 am
March 06, 2019
Les Claypool is freakin' genius. I was introduced to him when he was with Primus. I'd be curious about his current music, but as I am old and boring, a 2AM show would be a stretch for me nowadays. I'd maybe do it if I didn't have work the next day. But the all-ages part makes it a no-go.
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