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Well someone hates the Texas valedictorian

Posted by cfdavep 
Well someone hates the Texas valedictorian
June 04, 2021

I guess a Texas newspaper printed a response from some pro--liar in Texas who had a little problem with her speech at graduation. According to this... probably moo the girl will realize that abortion is not a serious thing ts all because baybees do not have to derail anything and really...according to the writer it is no biggie to be forced into an unwanted pregnancy as supposely the student will realize that once she becomes a moo down the line. The same old enraging stuff
Re: Well someone hates the Texas valedictorian
June 05, 2021
Man. I couldn't get through the whole thing, but just skimming the highlights made me want to retch.
Re: Well someone hates the Texas valedictorian
June 05, 2021
Wow, what a pile of shit. Kudos to the girl for using her time at the podium to make this statement becuse honestly, WTF could the school do? Expel her? They can't punish someone who isn't a student. But the response to it from this asshole is just all of the fail.

You see that as an assault on your bodily autonomy because you have been fed a lie that the key to your life’s success relies on your ability to terminate a growing life inside you.

For a lot of women, that is the case. There's a reason you can't be a successful parent and a successful employee at the same time, and if someone breeds young because they couldn't abort, their chances at success in all aspects of life are going to be significantly diminished or at least put on hold for two decades.

Your hopes, dreams and ambitions do not become irrelevant when you become a mother, whether the pregnancy is intended or unplanned.

LOL yes they do, bitch! You know how many stories I've seen written by mommies (some of whom I'm sure had planned children) who say their dreams, ambitions, personalities, desires and everything else about them no longer matter once they breed? All their time, effort, money and energy are re-routed in full to child minding. So unless you make your parents raise your brat for you or hire a nanny to deal with them, your dreams and ambitions do become irrelevant when you become a mother. If they don't, you're seen as a bad or neglectful parent.

We are too easily influenced by those who insist that “reproductive freedom” can only be achieved by pills, medical devices and procedures that undermine what our bodies are naturally designed to do.

So apparently reproductive freedom means one's ability to have children? Because I'm pretty sure taking measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy is the definition of reproductive FREEDOM, as in the choice to decide whether or not you want to get or remain pregnant. It really scares me when women have these kinds of ass-backwards beliefs because they are talking about taking away their own rights. You want to make it so women can't vote either, Cynthia? Let's make it so rape isn't a crime anymore either while we're at it because what do women need freedom of any kind for? eye rolling smiley
Re: Well someone hates the Texas valedictorian
June 14, 2021
I did a little digging on the moron and found out some things.

She started working for a local paper Jan 2014. My first job out of college was just this. It was minimum freaking wage.
Yes, I was a paid writer. There really isn't any dignity in being a paid writer when you can't afford the basics. Prior to this she had a couple of senior level jobs and worked for an attorney general. Has degrees from William and Mary and a Master's from Johns Hopkins. Received the Master's in 2014. Sooo..what else happened in 2014 you ask?

I have my suspicions...and BINGO...In 2019 she writes about her three kids, all of whom are under age 5 :https://www.winonadailynews.com/opinion/columnists/cynthia-m-allen-perils-of-christmas-travel-with-young-kids/article_e3aaacaf-b583-5c1a-a749-f992d50981b0.html

So, once again tell us how her hopes, dreams and ambitions did not become irrelevant when she sprogged. Because I'd be shocked if she is being paid more than $10 an hour at her current job which she is clearly wayyy overqualified for. And I've never heard of earning a Master's degree so that you can have kids, so it isn't outrageous to assume she intended to obtain employment and advancement with the Master's degree.

She is 40 now. She was at least 32 when pregnant the first time. So was she not married until 32? Or did she marry and use birth control while holding all those senior positions? It would be highly unlikely that she made it to age 32 without using some form of "reproductive freedom."

I wonder if she teaches her kids "do as I say not as I do" or just saves it for valedictorians who hit a little too close to home.
Re: Well someone hates the Texas valedictorian
June 14, 2021
Nice research, freya. And her second article was so cliche with the reference to her "childless" friend and attempted put-down of said friend. Bitter much?


So, once again tell us how her hopes, dreams and ambitions did not become irrelevant when she sprogged. Because I'd be shocked if she is being paid more than $10 an hour at her current job which she is clearly wayyy overqualified for.

Word. And let's not forget, she is likely being supported by a man and is economically comfortable. She had her time of reproductive freedom yet feels perfectly entitled to lecture a young woman who is just starting out.

Hypocritical women like this are the worst. I particularly hate the ones who have media presence because they are influencing sheep. The Right is more than happy to give them a voice because they are counting on the average American being too dumb to put two and two together. Unfortunately they are often correct.

While Dr. Whora can occasionally give decent advice, mostly when she tells parents to grow a spine and not raise brats, she is perhaps the biggest hypocrite of all. Examples:

1. She tells women not to work when they have kids. She even recounts stories of being at parties, hearing people she does not know discussing daycare, and hounding them to take their kids out of daycare. She herself worked as a radio host when she had her one kid.
2. Advises people to not cohabitate when not married, yet did that herself. (Calls women who do this "unpaid whores.")
3. Demands that people "respect" the institution of marriage, even advising people to not invite other family members to weddings if they are co-habitating, because doing so shows "proper respect for marriage." Yet she herself was seeing her late husband while he was married to his then-wife.
4. Had a tubal ligation, then got it reversed to have her chyld, yet tells callers that she herself was an "infertility patient" so she can bond with the cows who call who cannot conceive. Proceeds to rail against "feminism" for making her do what she did. Takes no personal responsibility for her own actions.

ETA. And she's constantly telling women to leave their careers and raise brats, when she herself has had a monetarily successful career and has no economic worries. I've heard her say it's women's "natural instinct to raise and nurture childrun." A guy called in once and was complaining about his GF and she told him to "find a nice woman....one who wants to have babies." I thought it was 1921 and not 2021 for a minute there.
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