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Students mess up teacher's car

Posted by cfdavep 
Students mess up teacher's car
April 30, 2022

The teacher probably gave them failing grades or corrected behavior and they could let that go. The school refuses to pay so the guy should sue the parents, but good luck collecting. A full paint job is $3-4000, so hopefully his insurance pays.
Re: Students mess up teacher's car
April 30, 2022
I don't really blame the school for not covering the damage because it's not really the school's fault, but the guy should definitely go after the parents for damages or have the brats arrested for vandalism. Hell, he could probably finagle emotional distress into it too because he said it was "awkward and uncomfortable" driving around with a dick painted on his car.

But even then, I don't know if anything will come of this because it sounds like a local business owner has offered to clean the mess on the car for free. So the teacher won't be out of pocket for the repairs.


“I can’t speak to specifics of their discipline but can say the (administrative) team at Henry Clay did a great job figuring out who did it,” Biddle said.

That's great, but the better question is, "Is the school gonna do anything about it?" They need to punish the brats for what they did, but I have a feeling that two teen assholes who will spray paint a car for presumably not getting their own way are teens who would see a suspension as a fun vacation. And their parents will probably somehow tell them they are the true victims in the whole thing and the teacher "deserved" it for "picking on them."
Re: Students mess up teacher's car
May 04, 2022
If they have enough proof of who did it and the kids are minors, the parents can be taken to court and held responsible. I doubt this will happen or the kids will get consequences and they'll go do it again.

I once went to a private school and this happened to a teacher. Her car got spray painted but no obscene symbols thank goodness. It was never found out who did it and the principal didn't try to hard to find the culprit.

She was a good math teacher but she quit at mid term because of this incident and other stuff. This private school was pretty much anything goes because the owners only cared about the $$$.

This kind of stuff is part of why teachers are leaving the profession adding to the shortage.
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