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Breeder jealousy

Posted by cfdavep 
Breeder jealousy
September 08, 2022

Everytime I wonder if these reddit stories are true, but if this one is what a way to treat a friend because he went to Morocco.
Re: Breeder jealousy
September 08, 2022
I 100% believe this is the kind of story that is true. I saw a bitter parunt on reddit state something like this "forget billionaires, the childfree are the ones that deserve vitriol for opting out of the hell that is parunting." I've lost more than one friend who can't handle the fact that I opted out and they are stuck in the mire.

The jealousy is HARD CORE. The taxes some parunts try to demand the childfree pay are their way of punishing us for opting out of the hell they voluntarily signed up for. Of course, if you ask them the overwhelming majority won't take responsibility for their breeding choices. It is so much easier to blame someone else and not have any personal accountability for their choices.
Re: Breeder jealousy
September 09, 2022
Frank needs to kick the NEET brat out of his home and force him/her to earn his/her own damned way.


Passive Aggressive
Master Of Anti-brat
Re: Breeder jealousy
September 10, 2022
Good grief. OP is well rid of Frank, who's shown himself to be so bitter and thin-skinned that a lifestyle difference (or even just photos of it at that) is too much for him to handle.

Re: 23 year olds at home...in much of the US rent is really ridiculous and I can be sympathetic about it.. Moving out is happening later because it's just not financially possible. But if this manchild is NEET, then I have no sympathy. That's 100 percent on the parents..
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