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So, being a single parunt means struggling financially?

Posted by freya 
So, being a single parunt means struggling financially?
December 03, 2022
Before we had a social net in the US a single mahm (it would have been a widow) only had whatever her/her husband's famblee would provide.

It is kind of weird to talk about why your generation isn't having brats when you have a brat. I've seen member of the Greatest gen, Boomers, and Gen X all struggle financially as single parunts because it is almost universal for single parunts to struggle financially.

This argument makes about as much sense as me talking about how Gen X doesn't buy luxury vehicles because they can't afford them while complaining/itemizing the costs of my Lamborghini.

Plus we know all generations have lots of people who have sluiced even under the most idiotic circumstances.

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