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What pignasty looks like in the first 10 weeks

Posted by freya 
What pignasty looks like in the first 10 weeks
December 04, 2022
I wonder if these authentic photos might change the minds of women considering abortions but horrified of the teeny tiny baybee fetus thing.
I've never seen these photos before and am guessing they are well-hidden.

Scientific proof it is a clump of cells, not a teeny tiny baybee:
Re: What pignasty looks like in the first 10 weeks
December 05, 2022
But as you well know, abortion bans have nothing to do with babies.


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Re: What pignasty looks like in the first 10 weeks
December 05, 2022
I have never had an abortion, but I imagine there is bleeding involved and it probably helps put things into perspective much better when the aftermath of abortion is not a picture of a pile of blood that the pearl clutchers think/say is baby guts.

I wish this was made more widely available so that women who are nervous about the procedure or who are being shamed for it by others could see that they aren't "murdering" a fully-developed infant that just happens to be very tiny. The globs in those specimen dishes don't look remotely human. It looks like cotton slowly dissolving in water.

I wish this is what women could be shown in the clinic to ease any fears or anxiety or guilt they feel. I'd say these photos should be shown to the pro-liars too, but they'd just deny that the photos show actual pregnancy tissue because it conflicts with their pretty signs that say "Abortion is Murder" and display a photo of a medically-necessary late-term abortion of a most likely very wanted fetus.

Those pictures definitely are well hidden. When I clicked the link, it opened up a new incognito/private browser window. I have never seen that happen before. We can't be having pesky medical proof that abortion isn't murder, after all. It would disrupt the fantasy land pro-liars live in where women who seek abortions - even for medical reasons - are nothing more than baby-killing sluts. Abortion might become much more accepted if more people knew that this is what gets removed from the uterus up to two months gestation.
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