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Long Read and demonstrates how HORRIBLE so called parents can be

Posted by twocents 
Long Read and demonstrates how HORRIBLE so called parents can be
December 23, 2022
Something of a long read, demonstrates to me how hateful bio parents can be.. poster said that babymama didn't really act like she cared ... which is not surprising... but these kids will never be normal. and we're called selfish...

Originally posted by u/_volly in r/ProRevenge on April 26, 2019, 1st update on May 23, 2019, 2nd update on Dec 12, 2022.

Triggers and Mood Spoiler ahead!

DID YOU KNOW, Kittens of the same litter can have different fathers. If mama mates with multiple males during the same heat cycle, her eggs can be fertilized by different cats. It's called superfecundation and can explain why some kittens in a single litter look completely different from each other.

Trigger Warning: Child abuse/neglect, mention of DV, drug addiction

Mood Spoiler: Happy ending

Original Post April 2019

When you refuse to take responsibility, others will force you to do it - and you won't like it

When you refuse to take responsibility, others will force you to do it - and you won't like it

This is my first post and it is a long one so settle in - it's story time.

The cast (not their real names):

Jackie - foster mom - good person and neighbor

Tom - Foster dad, hubby to foster mom, he and I are brother from different mothers.

Baby Mama = mom to Chuck and Baby

Archie - Baby daddy and father to Chuck

Chuck - older child of Baby Mama

Baby - newborn of Baby Mama

Lisa - Baby Mama's younger sister and the first foster kid to be placed in Jackie and Tom's home

The story -

This all started when my neighbors across the street, Jackie and Tom, wanted kids and found out they couldn't due to medical reasons. I won't go into that however they did decide to be foster parents. Now in describing Jackie and Tom - they are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Both would help anyone, give the shirt off their backs, and try to see the good in people. They bought the house they live in now so that they could raise a family. Seeing how they could not have kids of their own, they thought they could help other kids have a better life.

The first child to come stay with them is 11 year old Lisa. She came from a troubled home - well to put it more simply a trailer with no electricity and no running water. It was a real bad situation. Lisa was failing at school and running wild. In a short time Jackie and Tom had her enrolled in the local middle school, set ground rules and worked closely with her on everything. It was amazing the turnaround that happened at first. However... bad things started to happen. Lisa's parents kept trying to get her home and being the delinquent parents they were, it was nothing but trouble. I'm getting sidetracked here so let me get back on track.

Soon after this Chuck was placed in the care of Jackie & Tom. Chuck was a drug baby in that Baby Mama was on drugs while pregnant. So this arrangement was in place for a few months - Lisa in school and Chuck being raised by Jackie & Tom. It was at this point Baby Mama can to live with Jackie & Tom due to a domestic violence issue.

Let me start with Baby Mama on my first impression was - how do I say this - set off my danger alarm. You know that feeling you get around meeting someone and you just know in the back of your head they are trying to play you from the word go and make it look like they are just being friendly? That is the best as I can describe it. I knew I needed to keep my distance and not to get involved in her drama. Oh and I need to say here she was pregnant.

Jackie & Tom really try hard to help Baby Mama out. Free place to stay, free food, and few rules. They even helped her get a car. At first things are going well.....then....things started to go down hill. Arguments would happen, Baby Mama was acting strange, and Archie was causing problems. Archie - that is Chuck's dad and the git who knocked up Baby Mama again. Archie was also the reason Baby Mama came to live with Jackie & Tom. Apparently Archie was abusive to Baby Mama ended up having a restraining order against him. Anyway Archie would be talking to Baby Mama on the phone all the time and at the time it was thought Archie was gas lighting Baby Mama. How wrong that thought was...(I'm getting ahead of myself here)

In May Baby Mama gave birth to Baby. At this time Jackie & Tom are making sure all the doctor appointments are done and proper care is provided. Baby Mama - how do I say this - is acting a bit strange. To put it simply - there are times where she is acting like the lights are on but nobody is home. Jackie & Tom are clueless on what this is. I personally witnessed one incident where Chuck (who is 20 months old at the time and walking) got out of the house and I found him in the street. By himself. Now we live in a cul-de-sac and the area is really quiet so nothing bad happened yet where was Baby Mama? She was down the street talking on her cell phone to Archie. I take Chuck and knock on the door to let Jackie know Chuck got outside. Jackie tells me Baby Mama was supposed to be watching him while she was bathing Baby. When Baby Mama comes back up the street I simply look at her and say "You f-ed up. Chuck was in the street just now." Baby Mama screams "Lisa was supposed to be watching him!" and runs inside. Well - there was a problem with that. Lisa was not home from school yet. (face palm)

In June there is a huge argument and Baby Mama moves out. She does a stealth move and takes Chuck and baby with her. Here is the kicker - she didn't tell Jackie & Tom she was going to do this. Just to put this into context - Chuck was taken away from her in the first place by child services due to her bad parenting. So as you can guess - the cops got involved and 3 weeks later Baby Mama was forced to return the children to Jackie & Tom. When the children were returned they were in the same clothes, both bleeding from diaper rash, and I kid you not - lost a 1/5 of their total body weight. Baby left weighing 15 lbs and came back at 12 lbs. Jackie took both children to the pediatrician and to her horror both kids were basically starved. There are two police officers present during this exchange and one of them is horrified at what she sees. Remember this officer for she comes back later in the story.

Now at this point Jackie & Tom have had enough of Baby Mama's antics and tells her in no uncertain words she is to come get her stuff. Does she do it? Nope. She was given 30 days too. So, Tom does some spring cleaning and all the stuff goes to the dump. I ended up with a guitar that is now being restored as well as a musical keyboard. Now you would think this would be the end of it. Not even close. In late August Jackie & Tom get served with a court notice Baby Mama and Archie are petitioning the court to get custody of the kids. I get asked to testify at the hearing for what I witnessed with Chuck in the street. Now I'm thinking at this time No F-ing Way Baby Mama can get her kids back.

On the day of court (Its early December by now) I had told my boss it should take maybe an hour or so and I will have to work remote that day. The hearing was scheduled at 9am and I'm thinking I would be back at work in a short bit.

I was so wrong on this.

We were in court from 9 am until 4:30 pm. During this hearing the judge orders both Archie and Baby Mama to have a drug test to be administered while we recess for lunch. Somehow Baby Mama passes the test. Archie gets past it also but the guy who conducted the test testifies the sample provided was cold. We ALL knew Archie fakes the test yet the judge could not prove it. I was stunned yet I had to look at it from a legal view - you have to prove he faked it. If you can't prove it, nada, nope, no $200. The judge then decides to order Archie to take a hair drug test - for those of you who don't know what this is - it is a test where they take a sample of hair from your head and test for drugs. You can't fake that test. Jackie & Tom even volunteer to pay the bill for the test which the judge is more than happy to agree to. That comes in real handy later in this story

At the end of the hearing the judge rules both Baby Mama and Archie will be granted visitation each Saturday and Sunday, 3 to 6 PM at Jackie & Tom's house. In the judge's ruling there is a very high bar on removing the kids from a parent and her hands were tied on this. Lets just say Jackie & Tom were not thrilled by this arrangement at all.

On the first Saturday of visitation things got ugly. Cops showed up, and I'm having to sit on my front porch filming with my phone while holding my pistol in my lap. I knew Archie was a convicted criminal who did a stint for armed robbery and was known to carry around large knives on his person. I wanted to make sure he didn't try to get cute with Tom if things got out of hand. I think me being on the porch saved Tom from being in a physical altercation with Archie.

On Sunday they show up and things go more smoothly. Here is the thing - after 20 minutes of being there BOTH Archie and Baby Mama pass out on the couch for about an hour while holding the kids. Tom described it to me as Archie was talking and just then stopped and passed out. Jackie was able to take a picture. I edited out the faces but it was just so odd both of them doing this so I thought I include this in.

During the following week I'm talking to Jackie & Tom and they are highly concerned that they will lose the kids knowing the bar is really high on getting kids taken away from a parent. So - I start formulating a plan. Jackie tells me Baby Mama has a warrant out for her arrest in Richmond and I know that finding Baby Mama most of the time is about impossible. However - I know where she will be and when so this is where the revenge comes in. So far these two have cost me a day's pay, going to cost me a second day's pay for when we go to court again and they harmed two children. Now comes time to pay the piper.

I call the local police department and advise them of the outstanding warrant on Baby Mama, and where exactly she will be and when. When I speak to the officer - and as my luck would have it - its the same officer who was there during the exchange where Jackie & Tom got the kids back from Baby Mama. She knows exactly who I'm talking about and is really interested in catching Baby Mama. I also tell the officer of Archie and what to expect with the both of them. At that point Jackie got the drug test back and what do you know - Archie is a walking drug store. I took the time and texted the results of that test to the officer I was speaking to. Here are the results from that test.

On that Saturday at 3pm I'm at my vacation home so I don't get to witness what happens but I get the 411 from Jackie afterwords. The cops cordon off the neighborhood and then come to Jackie & Tom's house to get Baby Mama. Baby Mama finds out the cops are there and runs out the back door and into the woods. She gets away however from that point forward she never shows up again to visit her kids. Archie is only worried about her purse during all this (for their drugs were in it we find out later)

After a couple more weeks Archie stops showing up to see the kids. This drives Jackie & Tom crazy for they have to put their lives on hold each weekend just in case if Archie or Baby Mama shows up during the visitation time. Well, after 6 weeks we are in court again. Jackie & Tom had to subpoena the landlord of a house Baby Mama and Archie claimed they rented from and the landlord had never heard of them. To top it off Baby Mama is 3 hours late. When Baby Mama finally shows up she is right off the bat put in handcuffs. The judge at this point is really pissed off at both Archie and Baby Mama and says this: "you're [Baby Mama] going to jail and you [Archie] are so full of drugs that I'm surprised you are able to stand. You have done nothing but lie to the court, you have harmed two children repetitively, and both of them have permanent damage from the drugs you took while you were pregnant with them. I'm ordering that full custody be granted to Jackie & Tom and all rights and visitation be removed from Archie and Baby Mama."

Here is the oddest thing - Baby Mama didn't even get upset after this was said. WTF?

So, Baby Mama went to jail for several crimes, Archie just dropped off the radar and now the two kids are in a good home with good parents. Jackie & Tom are now looking to adopted both kids and even change their names.

Looking back on this it is clear that both Baby Mama and Archie are sociopaths and their only interest in the kids was the government check it gave them. Archie was also not upset at all. From a parent point of view -this is just beyond creepy.

Several months later - To this day Chuck has never spoken a word. We suspect Baby will have the same problem. They are both being sent to specialist to address their needs and I'm sure Jackie & Tomas will be great parents. I just got a pic of Chuck sleeping next to Tom. In Chuck and Baby's minds - Jackie and Tom are their parents. I'm thrilled that they were saved from those two horrible people. And the best part about all this - the ONLY way now that Baby Mama or Archie can get to even see the kids again is they have to prove they are fit parents. And we all know that will NEVER happen for it involves them having to prove to the courts they are. When you fail to take responsibility - others will do it for you and the result is ALWAYS unpleasant.

I'll update this if anymore antics from Archie or Baby Mama happens.

1st Update 1 month later

Thank you everyone for the kind words concerning Chuck and Baby. I thought I give an update on how my ProRevenge worked out.

Tom helped me take my car last night to a shop to drop off for repairs. When driving back to the house he fills me in on what is now happening with Archie and Baby Mama

Archie has been busted with schedule 1 controlled substances. He is also in year 3 of a 5 year probation period. Apparently he was dealing out of a camper and the cops were not pleased with him. He is looking at 10 years in prison along with the 5 years of probation being tacked on as prison time. Ouch!

Baby Mama is in jail again in Richmond city and nobody will bail her out. Apparently her drug lifestyle along with her failure to appear in court multiple times got the police very upset. From what I'm told with all the charges she is facing she is looking at a couple of years in jail.

With that being said the adoption process will kick off in August. Once done Tom and Jackie will be parents of the two kids and the druggy bio parents are no longer in the picture.

I'm also happy to report Chuck is now talking. He was also tested and thankfully has been found he has no brain damage as far as they can tell. We still don't yet know about Baby's brain and if she was harmed with Baby Mama's drug use.

What happened to the girl? Lisa? She seems to have just stopped existing half way through that first post and you don’t mention her here either?

OOP answers in this commment:

She moved out of Tom's house and went to live with a lesbian couple who did foster care. I thought I put that in.

3rd Update Dec 2022 [removed]

3rd Update Dec 2022 [Recovered]

I'm happy to report Chuck is now in school and the adoption for both Chuck and Baby are done. New names for the both of them, new SSNs, and they finally have health insurance covered through Tom's work. Chuck has been going to speech therapy, and can now speak well. Baby appears to not have suffered brain damage even though Baby mamma was doing drugs when pregnant with her.

Most evenings now after the kids get home from school all the neighbors and kids come outside and the kids will play together. There have been several families that all have kids so it has been great seeing them all playing & growing up together.

Last thing is I found out yesterday Archie O.D. and is now pushing up grass at the local grave yard. Baby Mamma is in jail for a several year term the last I have heard.

I'm thankful everything has worked out and the children now have a good home.

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.

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