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Actually men have always wanted more children than women

Posted by freya 
Actually men have always wanted more children than women
February 06, 2023
I've always found it to be a mixed bag but overall, I've known more women who have wanted kids than men.
I'm also from the bible belt and the amount of women not wanting kids in that area is incredibly low.

Then again, when I used to date online almost all of the men wanted kids or claimed to. Out of hundreds I was lucky to find 10-15 that lived within less than an hour, were reasonably close to my age range, etc.

I've also noticed a large amount of men in their late 30's are looking at younger women. I used to think it was just preference, but this article presents a good argument that the men who want kids are seeking out younger women who likely earn less money and are willing to make the sacrifices to have kids. I bet more than a few women in their late 30's were happy with their lives and not wanting to add any kids to the planet.

If a man is in his late 30's and has a solid profession and marries a woman in her mid-twenties who is just starting out, who is going to have to stay at home with any baybees and do all the grunt work? The odds are stacked against the woman and unless she is child-free or super careful there is a good chance an accident will occur.

Still to this day I've known very few SAHDs, they're definitely the anomaly.

article quote
Economic theory predicts that when dividing the responsibility for childcare, the parent who has the lowest income should be the one who reduces their work hours when that is necessary. Relative to the past, today that person is more frequently the father and some men, like some women, are choosing not to make that sacrifice.

There is no new trend in which men want babies. Men have always wanted babies as long as women were willing to make all the sacrifices. Now that those sacrifices are more evenly shared between parents, no one should be surprised to learn that fewer men now want to have children.

Re: Actually men have always wanted more children than women
February 06, 2023
I've noticed that when it comes to having more kids, men are usually the ones who want them more while the women are more likely to be apprehensive about it. This makes sense because women are typically the ones who do all the brat care, so it's much easier for the men to say they're ready for more when they hardly lift a finger to raise the kids they already made. That, or it could be some men want sex more than women and they are willing to accept the potential consequences of sex because they won't be the ones who get pregnant, give birth and raise the resulting loaf.

But as far as overall desire to have kids, I haven't noticed one gender wanting them more than another either. It's probably about an even split, give or take. There are baby-rabid men and baby-rabid women. I think maybe the desire goes up with some men as they get older and they feel the need to prove their virility and heterosexuality (or they have a midlife crisis and a sports car is too expensive), so making a loaf will prove both of those things at once. But women sometimes seem less likely to want to breed (or breed again) with age, which can partly be due to pregnancy becoming more risky when they woman is reproductively "geriatric" (over the age of 30).

This doesn't apply to all men or all women, but it's a pattern I've noticed, that's all. Obviously there are always exceptions.

I've also noticed that it's usually stupid people who breed a lot, regardless of gender. Almost all the educated people I've known had a reasonable number of kids or none at all, whereas the idiots just kept crapping out brats like they were personally tasked with repopulating the planet.

Have stay-at-home Duhs become more commonplace or something lately? Because as far as I can see, women are still the ones making a majority of the sacrifices when it comes to breeding. Both parents might be expected to work because it's damn hard to survive on a single income, but it seems like with the current ever-growing crop of man-babies, the women are still the ones who are largely expected to work full-time, cook all the meals, do all the chores and deal with the sproggen.

So sure, many men may want babies, but they sure as hell don't want to take care of them. If the breakingmoo sub is any indication, leaving Duhs in charge of their own brats usually leads to neglect because those same men who clamored for baybees don't want to raise them.
Re: Actually men have always wanted more children than women
February 07, 2023
My take on dating apps is that the majority of men say they are undecided about kids, which basically means they don't want to limit their number of potential matches. I figure there is less urgency for them to take a firm stance, because they aren't the ones whose bodies are going to be affected, and probably they will take less responsibility, too. More women tend to be decided about children, from a younger age, in my experience.
Re: Actually men have always wanted more children than women
February 07, 2023
That's cuz girls have been forced into brat wrangling when they were still loaves themselves.


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