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At least 10% of all mahms develop thyroid disease

Posted by freya 
At least 10% of all mahms develop thyroid disease
August 29, 2023
Didn't we learn in high school biology that once you reproduce you are considered expendable by nature?
More proof of that.


They suspect it could be as high as 17%, just that those cases are unreported.
Re: At least 10% of all mahms develop thyroid disease
August 30, 2023
Well I sure got shafted, then. I didn't breed and I still wound up with a fucked thyroid. Moo or not, I wouldn't wish thyroid fatigue on anyone. Prior to treatment, I was so, so tired in spite of sleeping 10-12 hours a day (with naps) that I thought I was dying. Says up to 20 percent of women will develop hypothyroidism after sluicing and will have it for life.

But pregnasty fucks with your body in so many ways. Like women who have been pregnant can have their entire immune system rewritten because of the pregnancy, which makes sense because I believe without very specific cells making an exception for the invading fetus, the woman's body would treat the pregnancy like a foreign entity and attack it.

But sometimes this doesn't happen. Here's a ten-dollar word for the day: chronic histiocytic intervillositis. It's when the woman's immune system goes "AW HELL NAW" to a fetus and proceeds to damage the placenta/uterus in an effort to prevent the fetus from growing and can result in miscarriage/stillbirth. I just learned this like ten seconds ago, I'm not gonna act like I pulled this random fact out of my ass. But yeah no, pregnancy is beautiful, right??

The changes in immune function could explain the increased likelihood of developing thyroid disease because I think hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are considered auto-immune conditions. DNA from the fetus will also just float around in the woman's body, which I think basically makes all women who are or who have ever been pregnant biological chimeras. WTF it's like some kind of shit out of a science fiction horror story!
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