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Hot car PNA ads

Posted by Cambion 
Hot car PNA ads
September 01, 2023
Been seeing these pop up on various news sites lately. It's a web ad with a picture of a loaf and it says, "We've all forgotten something. Please don't forget someone" and then, "Cars get hot, fast. Check the back seats." Have you guys seen this crap?

Being a parent is such a rewarding, fulfilling job that the people have to be told to not let their kids die of heat stroke. eye rolling smiley

I'm sure a silly little online PSA won't stop determined parents from "tragically forgetting" their children in 130-degree cars. Maybe if those web ads said something like, "Forgetting your child in the backseat could be considered neglect or endangerment, and manslaughter if they die. Maybe potential jail time will improve your memory, asshole," they'd have a larger impact.
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