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26-year-old Moo with 22 kids

Posted by Cambion 
26-year-old Moo with 22 kids
November 04, 2023
Twenty of them were born in one year (via surogacy). Moo wants to have over 100 brats with her millionaire/jailbird husband. Moo only shat out one of them herself - the rest were incubated by surrogates.

Of course they couldn't adopt with all the husband's money - they all had to be biological brats.

I also love how Moo brags about having written a book full of her worldly parenting advice when they have SIXTEEN live-in nannies to raise their kids for them. WTF does Moo know about parenting when she's not doing any?? What's her advice? "Be rich, outsource, and smile for social media?"

Moo also says she won't get pigged up with more fetuses because it's "not practical" with so many other brats (but totally practical via surrogacy) and she doesn't want to bother with IVF.

This is absolutely sickening. I wish there was a cap on the number of brats you can have with surrogates because who the fuck needs this many kids? The kids probably don't even know who their mother is because nannies raise them.



A mother-of-22 has captured a video of her family, which shows that a whopping 20 of her children were all born in one year.

Russian mother Kristina Ozturk, 26, who lives in Georgia, has welcomed 21 of her children via surrogate, with 20 born in just over a year.

She has claimed she wants as many as 105 biological kids with her millionaire husband Galip, 58 - who was earlier this year sentenced to eight years in prison after being found guilty of illegal purchase and possession of drugs and psychotropic substances.

One adorable Instagram video on her account - which has more than 231,000 followers - captures her children listing off their names and dates of birth.

The clip showed viewers that all but two of the clan were born in 2020, with Kristina's eldest, Victoria, born in 2014 from a previous marriage and the latest addition to their family, Olivia, born in January 2021.

She is also a mother to Mustafa, Maryam, Ayrin, Alice, Hassan, Judy, Harper, Teresa, Hussein, Anna, Isabella, Ismail, Mehmet and Ahmet - all of whom are three - and Ali, Kristina, Alena, Sarah, Lockman and Alparslan, who are two years old.

The social media reel from January had commenters gushing in awe at the adorable kids, as many admitted they often get the kids mixed up as there are so many of them.

'Meet the Ozturk family!' Kristina's caption read.

'You have asked many times to make a video for you with the names and ages of the children. I heard you, I made a video with dates of birth...'

'Such a beautiful family!' one comment read.

'Thank you for sharing your world with us! You have a beautiful family and you are Mom goals!' a second added.

A third penned: 'Thank you for sharing your happy, beautiful children with us! It must be so wonderful for the children to grow up with so many siblings.'

In February, Kristina - who is originally from Moscow - released a book about her experiences.

In an Instagram post she wrote: 'It would seem that everything about raising children has already been written, but every day every parent is looking for useful information to give only the best to their children.

'And I'm no exception. As a mother of twenty-two children, I can say for sure that there is no such thing as too much information: you can always find something new for yourself.

'After dozens, or even hundreds of articles, books, webinars and trainings, I decided to create my own book, where the most important information for young parents will be collected and structured bit by bit.'

Kristina met wealthy hotel owner Galip while holidaying in the coastal town of Batumi in Georgia.

However, according to Agenda.Ge, the businessman was arrested in May of last year after a house raid found 'particularly large amounts' of drugs.

He has also been accused of tax evasion, forgery and money laundering.

Galip already had fled Turkey in 2018 after an appeal court approved his life sentence related to a murder back in 1996.

His legal team has said they will appeal, and the businessman has denied the crimes.

Kristina has on her Instagram opened up about the challenging times she has faced without her husband.

'Many of you have noticed with the events happening in our family, it’s been harder for me to keep the page,' she said in a post.

'I'm sure that day will come soon, but in the meantime, I just want to say thank you so much for all your support and kind words,' she added.

Opening up about her husband's problems with the law earlier last year, Kristina admitted she couldn't 'stand his absence' in another post.

'It's hard to talk about some household things or joys when all thoughts are far away and busy just waiting for my husband to come home to us.'

In late May 2022, The Mtavari TV channel broadcast footage of special forces raiding Galip's hotel in the coast of Georgia after his arrest.

Galip's arrest was confirmed by Georgia's Finance Ministry spokeswoman Nato Natroshvili in a statement.

In an emotional post shared on her Instagram account on June 9, Kristina wrote: 'The feeling of loneliness does not leave me even with such a large number of close people around.

'I'm used to my husband always being at home, always around. Since Galip has been working exclusively from home for the last few years, we spent time together constantly during the day. At night, when the children were put to bed, we chatted incessantly.

'If I went to Tbilisi or Istanbul, we chatted on the phone for hours, all night long.

'Now it's more difficult than ever for me, I can't stand silence, I can't stand his absence, I can't sleep and wake up alone, I can't see his empty workplace... I can't see his smile, I can't hear his voice, I can't feel his embrace.'

Shortly after Galip's arrest, Kristina admitted she struggled to explain what had happen to her oldest daughter Vika.

In September this year, she penned a heartwarming post after Galip's aunt came to visit the brood.

'Times are difficult, and communication with loved ones becomes especially valuable,' she wrote.

'We all need support and understanding. When loved ones help us get through a difficult time, it's really wonderful.

'Love helps us overcome difficulties and makes our lives brighter.'

On her birthday earlier this year, the mother-of-22 also marked a 'new beginning' for her journey.

'I started a blog when my kids were just coming out, and my goal was to share the hardships and joys of motherhood. But as often happens, life does not go as planned, and today I'm at a tipping point,' she explained.

'All the challenges I've faced helped me grow and learn, and my first attempts will probably be chaotic, but I believe I can succeed. I decided to live.

'And my birthday marked a new beginning for me. Change, improvement, and of course more content that is sincere and inspiring awaits me. Thank you for being with me and let's move forward together to new goals!'

In 2021, Kristina revealed that she had spent £67,700 every 12 months on 16 nannies.

Her and Galip had at that point paid €168,000 (£142,000) to surrogates between March 2020 and July 2021, and spend $96,000 (£67,700) a year on 16 live-in nannies.

Speaking Fabulous, the mother added: 'I'm with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do.'

The parent - who was at the time reported to live in a three-storey mansion with her family - previously said she and Galip opted to use surrogate mothers because they wanted to have as many children as quickly possible.

Their first child Mustafa was born on March 10 2020 while their most recent addition, and 22nd child together Olivia, is two years old.

'I can tell you one thing - my days are never boring. Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family,' said Kristina when telling the publication about her routine.

Kristina, also revealed she was spending £4,000 a week on essentials for the babies, including 20 large bags of nappies and 53 packs of baby formula, shares updates about her hectic life to her Instagram account, where she has 231,000 followers.

Kristina who is originally from Russia, was a single mother when she decided to take a break by going to the sea in Batumi.

The popular tourism destination at the foot of the Caucasus is often referred to as the 'Las Vegas of the Black Sea'.

She said it was love at first sight when she met Galip, a property and transport magnate originally from Turkey, on the first day there, and described him as her 'mentor, guide and fairytale prince all rolled into one'.

Agreeing it was love at first sight, Galip added: 'She is so easy to be with, she always has a smile on her lips and yet at the same time is shy and mysterious.

'She was the kind of wife I always wanted for myself, an uncut diamond where I saw what a pure and kind heart she had.'

Things progressed quickly for the couple, with Kristina and her young daughter Vika moving to Batumi to be with Galip.

Kristina said that despite the fact Galip was a lot older than her, and had adult children of his own, he had no objections to having a large family.

The couple agreed that they wanted as many children as they could.

Kristina said they were originally preparing to have a baby every year, however quickly realised that her reproductive ability was not enough to meet their demands.

They decided to use surrogate mothers, which costs around $9,707 each pregnancy.

The state of Georgia has allowed surrogacy since 1997 as long as the couple involved are heterosexual and married.

The child that is born automatically goes to the people who provided the genetic material for the conception, and the surrogate does not have any rights.

All of Kristina's potential surrogates go through counselling and sign legal paperwork before becoming pregnant with children that are genetically from Kristina and her husband.

Only young women who've already had at least one pregnancy are chosen, and checks are made to ensure that they don't have any bad habits or addictions before joining the programme.

The women are given psychological counselling to make sure that they are ready and prepared for the challenge, which will include giving up the baby when it's born.

Kristina explained: 'The clinic in Batumi chooses surrogate mothers for us and takes full responsibility for the process.

'We are not personally acquainted with surrogate mothers and do not have direct contacts with them in order to avoid problems after pregnancy.

'All communication takes place through the clinic, we only monitor health indicators, I make up a dietary menu for mothers so that the food is complete, I look at the test results.'

The pair have gone on to welcome many children into their brood, with Kristina explaining: 'I gave birth to my eldest daughter Vika myself six years ago. The rest of the children are genetically ours from my husband and I, but were carried by surrogates.'

But the journey has not been straight forward for the couple, with Kristina revealing one of the surrogate mothers wanted to keep the child after it was born.

Because the babies are genetically from Kristina and her husband, the surrogate had no rights and had to hand the child over to the couple.

The couple want to have more children, and have discussed having over 100 babies, but have decided to wait until their babies are older before they embark on another surrogacy journey.

Meanwhile Kristina hasn't ruled out giving birth to more babies herself, but said it was 'not practical' at the moment with so many young children.

She pointed out that the IVF process is a big strain on the body and she doesn't want to be pregnant while going through the treatment. She explained: 'We just not ready to talk about the final number. Everything has its time.'
Re: 26-year-old Moo with 22 kids
November 04, 2023
Re: 26-year-old Moo with 22 kids
November 06, 2023
Ummm...what happens if they have to pay back reparations for all these money-related crimes her husband committed? Who's going to pay for all those nannies and surrogates? What an idiot. What a fool. What a selfish bitch.

She's doing this for social media attention and anyone who watches or comments with those twee statements on her family being so "beautiful" (gag) are supporting her to keep going. If she gets famous for this, there's a good possibility there will be copycats.

WTF is this world coming to?
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