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Inpig possible effects

Posted by freya 
Inpig possible effects
November 04, 2023
The list that puts all other lists to shame!

Pregnancy effects include the following:

Normal, frequent, expectable and temporary side effects: Exhaustion, altered appetite and sense of taste and smell, nausea and vomiting (50% in first trimester), heartburn, indigestion, constipation, weight gain, dizziness, lightheadedness, bloating, swelling, fluid retention, hemorrhoids, abdominal cramps, yeast infections, congested, bloody nose, acne and mild skin disorders, skin discolouration (chloasma), mild to severe back ache and strain, increased headaches, difficulty sleeping, discomfort while sleeping, increased ruination and incontinence, bleeding gums, pica, breast pain and discharge, joint pain, joint swelling, leg cramps, difficulty sitting, difficulty standing in later pregnancy, inability to take regular medications, shortness of breath, higher blood pressure, hair loss or increased facial / body hair, tendency to anemia, curtailment of activity level, infection including from serious and potentially fatal disease (pregnant people are immune suppressed and are more susceptible to fungal and other diseases), extreme delivery pain, perineum tears ranging from slight to extreme tear to the anus, tears upward to through the clitoris thus making orgasms temporarily or permanently impossible, hormonal mood changes including post partum depression, continued post partum depression exhaustion and recovery period (exacerbated with c sections that can take up to a year recovery)

Normal, expectable or frequent permanent side effects: Stretch marks (worse in younger women), loose skin, permanent wait gain or redistribution, abdominal and vaginal muscle weakness, pelvic floor disorder, changes to breasts, increased foot size, varicose veins, scarring from episiotomy or c section, other permanent aesthetic changes to body, increased proclivity for hemorrhoids, loss of dental and bone calcium (cavities or osteoporosis or teeth loss), higher risk of Alzheimer’s Occasional complications and side effects: Complications of episiotomy, spousal/partner abuse, hyperemesis gravidarum, temporary and permanent injury to back, severe scarring later requiring surgery especially after multiple pregnancies, prolapsed uterus, pre eclampsia, eclampsia, gestational diabetes, placenta previa, anemia, thrombocytopenia

Normal, frequent, or expectable temporary side effects: Severe cramping, embolism, medical disability requiring full bed rest, diastasis recti (torn abdominal muscles), serious infection and disease (e.g. increased risk of tuberculosis), hormonal imbalance, ectopic pregnancy, broken bones, hemorrhage and other complications of delivery, organ failure, refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease, aggravation of pre pregnancy diseases and conditions (e.g. epilepsy), severe post partum depression and psychosis, ptsd, higher risk of ovarian cancer with fertility treatments, lower breast cancer survival rates, higher risk of coronary and cardiovascular disease (6+ pregnancies)

Less common but serious complications: Peripartum cardiomyopathy, cardiopulmonary arrest, magnesium toxicity, severe hypoxemia/acidosis, massive embolism, increased intracranial pressure, molar pregnancy, gestational trophoblastic disease (like a pregnancy induced cancer), malignant arrhythmia, circulatory collapse, placental abruption, obstetric fistula

More permanent, severe side effects: Permanent blindness as a complication of pregnancy induced hypertension, Future infertility, permanent disability, death

Some math regarding the risks involved with pregnancy: Risk of C-section (major abdominal surgery - significant harm) - 15% Risk of 3rd/4th degree perineal tearing (tearing causing damage to vagina, anal sphincter, requiring significant stitches and/or surgery - significant harm) ~3-5% Risk of death - 0.0174% Risk of pre-eclampsia (requires ICU hospitalization, can develop into eclampsia which is even more dangerous) - 6.45% For people with pre-eclampsia, the risk of stroke is 0.171%, the risk of pulmonary edema/heart failure is 0.562%, the risk of renal failure is 1.36%, and the risk of death is 1.2%. This is an extremely brief and far from exhaustive list of possible complications of pregnancy as mentioned above. And this is all for pregnancies without prior conditions that can increase the risk of many complications.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/childfree/comments/17nlyza/please_remind_me_why_i_dont_want_to_have_children/
Re: Inpig possible effects
November 05, 2023
But pregnancy is beauuuuuuutiful! eye rolling smiley If pregnancy and childbirth were so natural and beautiful, women wouldn't need to go to the hospital to survive it. Funny how if a woman were to experience most of those side effects without being pregnant, it would be a massive medical concern. But when she's incubating a loaf, it's just par for the course.

Not to mention the woman's body will go on the war path if she miscarries and the tiniest speck of pregnancy tissue is retained in the uterus. And the US has the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed nation.

Plus, in terms of the author of that Reddit discussion, I question the CFness of someone who catches baby fever from the office piggos. I don't want to gatekeep childfreedom, but personally I can say I have never felt that alleged tingle in my loins telling me I need a child. That's because I know children of all ages suck and there is no way to romanticize having one. The people who do that don't know what parenthood actually entails and have just seen one too many family films

Let us also not forget that being pigged up is not fun if you have personal space issues. Consider the number of people who find it totally acceptable to go up to a heavily pregnant woman and rub her stomach without permission. confused
Re: Inpig possible effects
November 05, 2023
Re: Inpig possible effects
November 05, 2023
Okay, list of horrors, but...my brain skipped a word and I read the last line of severe side effects as "permanent death." I thought, well, yeah, wouldn't it be? in that split second before my brain found "disability" and stuck it in there. tongue sticking out smiley
Re: Inpig possible effects
November 05, 2023
I don't want to gatekeep childfreedom, but personally I can say I have never felt that alleged tingle in my loins telling me I need a child.

Me either.

She is getting downvoted for expressing it. Everyone is telling her there is no such thing as a biological clock, it was made up by a journalist in the 70's to keep women in their place.

The tingle in the loins is a desire for sex, not to have baybeez.
Re: Inpig possible effects
November 16, 2023
Neither have I.

I have looked at parents interacting with their children and felt an involuntary sigh of relief run through me: “Thank god I avoided that.”

"Not every ejaculation deserves a name" - George Carlin
Re: Inpig possible effects
November 17, 2023
I'm guessing the "biological clock" is just a more acceptable way for a woman to say she's horny. Because I never hear men talk about their biological clocks ticking. I guess because it's more "acceptable" for men to want recreational sex whereas it's more "acceptable" for women to want procreational sex?

Seeing, hearing and interacting with kids in any way just makes me want them less and less. I don't even know how people find them cute. Babies all look like fat, sunburnt little old men to me. A couple weeks ago I was doing some shopping after work and this brat in a cart about six feet away from me just suddenly belted out an ear-piercing shriek. My ears were honestly ringing for a while. Of course the parents tune this shit out. I could hear the child clear on the other side of the store doing more of these banshee shrieks.

Yeah sign me right the fuck up for that hot mess. eye rolling smiley I've known since I was a kid that I didn't want to have kids and not breeding has absolutely been the best decision I've made in my life.
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