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Guy regrets marrying ex-teen moo

Posted by cfdavep 
Guy regrets marrying ex-teen moo
November 09, 2023

Dude marries a woman who is now 39 with 22 year old twins, so some easy math there. Moo hardly ever worked and wanted an "art career" and tried to pursue it as he paid the bills. He was supportive of this as he "loved her" but it looked like a way to stall on getting a job that would help support her and her brats
Moo, now 39, wants out of the marriage, but wants her soon to be ex-spouse to contimue living with them continuing to pay the bills for three adults.

Single moos are a protected class and no one is allowed to "discriminate" against them on any level, including checking them out to see if they recovered from their past bad decision making as teens, ie having kids at 17 with no way to support them. It is considered offensive to say that maybe this woman is still a hot mess but teen moohood is considered heroic. Now the dude is trying to get out of his involvement with such a person.

If certain people demand people to see them as heroic, then they probably are the total opposite
Re: Guy regrets marrying ex-teen moo
November 09, 2023
IDK if teen moohood is heroic but single moohood is heroic, in society. They will readily admit it and say it as often as possible.

To me, unless you're widowed, maybe divorced, or escaped a very abusive situation, I find nothing heroic or special about it. Just tells me you laid down with the wrong people unprotected, didn't think like an adult in an adult situation, and are a prsn that makes big mistakes and it likely won't be your first one of many. They are people of self-pity and think about their sorry situation often. They try to convince themselves they are heroes. If they raise the kid right, that's cool, maybe you are a hero to the kid. But do real heroes ever think of themselves as heroes?
Re: Guy regrets marrying ex-teen moo
November 11, 2023
Until the divorce rate drops to below 5% I don't have a bit of sympathy for single moos or duhs. And even then, a parent can be widowed and become a single parent, just like any married couple can face being widowed.

If there is a 50%+ chance you'll wind up a single parent and you fail to plan for it? You're an absolute cunt. There is nothing heroic about being prepared for reality or what happens 50% of the time. It is called being a responsible adult who chose to parent and who needs to be willing to support their kids no matter what. It is a minimum expectation I have for any parent because they owe their kids that.
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