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Moos being jerks to other moos

Posted by cfdavep 
Moos being jerks to other moos
January 15, 2024

A woman miscarried and was devastated over it. Her SIL is knocked up and talks of nothing else to the point that only four things she said at Thanksgiving were non-pregnancy related and she was probably gabbing non-stop for hours.

When the one who had the miscarriage announced it, preggo moo went on about how SHE was hooked up to machines and feared the same fate, but it was just too much apple juice.

The one that miscarried had to drive herself to the ER while miscarrying and now she is wondering if she should attend this woman's babyee shower. One would think a hard pass would be in order instead of writing to an advice columnist.
Re: Moos being jerks to other moos
January 16, 2024
Some women are just cunts, and pignasty can easily be another way to one-up their peers. Sounds like the sister-in-law just wants to divert all the possible baby attention away from the author and her deceased clump and back around to her and her still living clump. But she's also probably been an attention whore her whole life and it didn't just start with a positive pee stick.

I mean I'm sure the SIL's health scare was scary at the time, but she does not know "exactly" how the author feels. Having someone who has never experienced what you're going through sit there and say they know how you feel is so incredibly tone deaf. It'd be like if someone was talking about how much chemotherapy is making them vomit and someone else pipes up, "Ohh yeah I know EXACTLY what you mean! I drank too much last weekend and almost threw up! Tee hee!" Maybe they're trying to relate, but they're failing at it.

I'm sure the sister-in-law is excited about her impending mistake, but it's insensitive to babble on endlessly about her pignasty in earshot of someone who just lost a wanted pregnancy. Plus I'm sure it's annoying the fucking shit out of everyone else. You can only be so interested in someone else's unborn loaf before you want to change the subject. I figure some talk about the pignasty is normal because she wants to be knocked up and she's happy about it. But read the room, lady.
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