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An old disturbing reddit post

Posted by cfdavep 
An old disturbing reddit post
January 27, 2024

I found this yesterday for the first time as someone on reddit cf linked to it, a post from eight years ago. A guy married his high school girlfriend and her BC fails. She was totally economically dependant on him and he refused outright to give her money to abort. She begged her forced birth mother for the money and no go so a few weeks later he finds her dead in the bathroom as a suicide.

So he posts in reddit cf looking for forgiveness and was verbally destroyed of course. I thought maybe his story was made up, but two commenters shared similar stories of being victimized by men like him and their familes. One of them telling him that he needs to live with her image in his mind before sleep every night until his death.

They guy said that he would 'remove his male member with a butter knife" if it would bring her back. He posted a while after and claimed to volunteer at Planned Parenthood as an escort to help deal with the grief and to atone for being a forced birth asshat.
He also said her mother disowned her in death for the sucide which also was the abortion as she had to die to achieve it.

He was told he would have to spend the rest of his life atoning for what he did and I agree. It shows what can happen when women are dependant on men and do not know who they are. Again there is a chance he made it up, but maybe not.
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