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Parental freebies

Posted by freya 
Parental freebies
February 20, 2024
Repeat after me:
If only the goverment would pay for:

IVF treatments
"paid" parental leave
"universal" daycare
"universal" preschool
"universal" healthcare
all meals for any kids I gifted to the earth including during the summertime
student loan forgiveness
permanent care for any kids with have disabilities

It is never just one benefit for these people. Once one is paid for it is all but forgotten/not appreciated and it is on to the next one. This is the welfare mentality. These people cannot plan for shit and have no business having kids and bringing them up with the same stupid mentality.

They're the same ones that will bitch and whine the minute any freebies are taken away from them, just furious that they now "have" to contribute to pay for all the same free shit they fought so hard to win.

This one admits right in the title that she went from paid parental leave to daycare costs because she knows the blueprint and didn't miss a beat. If daycare were "free" she'd whine about no "universal preschool." And make no mistake about it, she didn't need IVF or she would have shoehorned that into the conversation at some point, because they always do:


Two examples of "universal daycare" in separate countries that are quickly going off the rails and are just going to end up being scrapped because very few people can use the service, it is incredibly expensive, threatens competing daycares, and are prime example of governments interfering where they don't belong:

UK: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/more-parents-relying-on-debt-or-savings-to-pay-for-childcare-survey-suggests/ar-BB1isIng

Canada: https://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/conservatives-could-go-on-child-care-offensive

And lastly, this one really goes off the rails and the entitlement (comparing moos to soldiers in war) is um, noteworthy:

Would a $100,000 bank deposit do it? An apartment with a bedroom for every child? Extra points on civil service exams? Or 24/7 daycare?
Military veterans get all sorts of benefits as a reward for their service. Why shouldn’t mothers get them too? After all, women risk their lives and health in pregnancy and childbirth, as soldiers do in war.


I wouldn't put it past the author of the last one to call utility, rent, petrol and grocery stores and try to insist that not only should she never have to pay for anything but that all those meanie companies should pay her because she gave them the gift of creating DNA replicants.
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