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Time magazine article about parental regret

Posted by CrabCake 
Time magazine article about parental regret
April 22, 2024
Written by a Korean CF woman. I mention her race only because in Asian cultures (as in so many), there’s more than the usual pressure to reproduce.


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Re: Time magazine article about parental regret
April 22, 2024
I don't know what part of Korea the author is from but South Korea has the 4B movement where women are opting out of sex, dating, marriage and children:

from article
4B is shorthand for four Korean words that all start with bi-, or “no”: The first no, bihon, is the refusal of heterosexual marriage. Bichulsan is the refusal of childbirth, biyeonae is saying no to dating, and bisekseu is the rejection of heterosexual sexual relationships.

South Korea has the worst patriarchy and women are sick of it.
Up until around 2013 women who were inpig were expected to drop out of the workforce.
Women who have kids are discriminated against in their jobs and women are also expected to work long hours, do the majority of work in taking care of brats AND take care of elder relatives of their husbands.

Just makes me wonder why this movement is recent, based on the crap women are dealing with.
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