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CL woman has had it with her friend group

Posted by cfdavep 
CL woman has had it with her friend group
May 09, 2024

She is 27 and may have kids or not, but had to nope out of a girl's trip as the only topic of converstation is who is dating who, engagements, weddings and baybees

One of the friends is already talking boob feeding strategies and she is apparently not married yet, but plans to be. I guess it was posted on reddit and made it to People magazine
Re: CL woman has had it with her friend group
May 09, 2024
This is part of the reason I had some trouble connecting with women friends. When I was younger, it was all about that stuff and I wasn't really interested in it. The last thing I wanted to discuss was what to name loaves, how many loaves, their dream husbands, etc. It was really uninteresting to me.

I mostly hung out with guys because at least there were other things to talk about. I was also privvy to a lot of what my guy friends thought about girls who were like that. It wasn't good. I never told the girls what my guy friends were saying behind their backs because it would've caused an issue.

I don't want to come across that I'm special or different, it's just that I couldn't connect with girls my age because I had nothing in common with them.

Now that I'm older it's a little easier because most of the women my age have other things going besides just their kids. They have outside interests, they work, they have cool hobbies, they travel. It's not all loaves, loaf showers, udder-feeding, etc.
Re: CL woman has had it with her friend group
May 10, 2024
As soon as females hit puberty this shit starts for most of them. I remember teenagers talking about marrying a guy after the first date and coming up with kid names too. And then they wouldn't go out again, so it was a couple of days of crying and then onto the next victim (guy). This one is the "one" and she is going to marry him and they'll have kids and let's speculate about what their kids will look like, even though they have yet to go on one freaking date. And heaven forbid they find a guy that wants to continue dating them or be their boyfriend, because then it is obsessing over every holiday about gifts and whether or not they'll receive an engagement ring or at least a promise ring.

I recall never having a time when all my friends had a boyfriend at the same time, so someone was always in the crying 'cuz he doesn't want to be my boyfriend stage.

And if they do become engaged they tend to be 100% obsessed with the wedding and it is all they talk about-the wedding or their future.

I had a very difficult time humoring this weird behavior, let alone participating. I felt like an alien. Teenage girls left and right were throwing away their academics and futures for this crap.

By the time females like this hit their twenties, they're a little less crazy than teenagers. But for most of them their lives revolve nearly 100% around relationships, dating, boyfriends, baybeez, marriage, etc.
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