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As if the SUV stroller wasn't big enough.

Posted by cfuter 
As if the SUV stroller wasn't big enough.
May 25, 2024
Anyone seeing those black/dark gray HUMOUNGOUS canvas-backed WAGONS breeders are pulling and PUSHING around like strollers. They are a wagon w/ SEATS and high sides and a canopy, so 4 kids of even rather medium large sizes can sit. Theres room in the middle for a large cooler I would say. Ive seen smaller but not by much.

I went to Trader Joes and on the way out, I saw a grandmoo PUSHING this HUGE thing into the automatic doors. IDK how she was maneuvering inside becuz it literally would take up most of the aisles and she really wouldnt have anyway to put food. This stroller, no lie, was as large as on of those Home Depot flat push carts for construction workers. It includes a thick canvas instead of metal wagon. It basically is a little golf cart for kids that moo pushes. IDK if she woulda got in the door if it wasnt those two slideing doors they have instead of the one automatic door most stores have.

What is up w/ these breeders? And, why cant the older taller kids just walk? I swear it is just becuz they dont want to watch johnny and tell him to stay by the cart. If aliens came down, they would think these kids were kings and grandmoos were their servants. What will we call this? The Construction Pick Up truck F-150 Tundra stroller?
Re: As if the SUV stroller wasn't big enough.
May 26, 2024
What's the point in going to a store to buy stuff if you're already pushing a huge buggy full of kids? I can see these things being used for shoplifting. Most stores don't even let you bring backpacks or large handbags in them because of this.

It's not like you can hold a shopping basket or push a second buggy while trying to maneuver something like that through narrow aisles anyways. You'd end up pushing other people out of shopping aisles entirely because it's so wide. Other people with buggies won't be able to get around it.

Why are these things even really necessary? Can't kids walk anymore? No wonder there's a childhood obesity epidemic.
Re: As if the SUV stroller wasn't big enough.
May 27, 2024
Because you need all that space to carry all the Pampers and Huggies and Pull Ups the kids are going through.
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