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Moo neglects toddler and it drowns

Posted by Cambion 
Moo neglects toddler and it drowns
June 06, 2024
The spawn of some rodeo star drowned and had life support pulled after almost two weeks, all because its Moo couldn't be arsed to watch him. She just told the kid not to go near the creek. Because toddlers are great listeners, right?

I wonder if it could be a PNA? I mean should it not be common sense that you don't let a three-year-old drive a small vehicle around without supervision? Moo seemed to think that since he's done this in the past and not come to any harm, that it was fine to continue doing it. Did she let him go out on purpose knowing the water level had risen and knowing he probably wouldn't listen to her? There are two other female brats in this family, but maybe three was too many or the boy child was unplanned.



Kallie Wright is speaking out about the death of her 3-year-old son, Levi.

Levi suffered a severe brain injury on May 21, after driving his toy tractor into a Utah creek near their home. Twelve days later, on June 2, Kallie and her husband, rodeo star Spencer Wright, made the difficult decision to remove Levi from life support.

“Unless you’ve been to my place, it’s hard to paint a picture of how something like this can happen,” Kallie began a Facebook post on June 6.

“There is a creek that runs through our 24-acre property and separates our house from Grandma and Grandpa’s,” Kallie wrote, noting that the family gets across on a concrete road.

“Water only runs through for a short time during the year and can change overnight,” Kallie wrote. “Levi did not do anything he hasn’t done before, but this time, the water was at its peak & strong enough to push his tractor off the road into the creek as he drove through.”

On the day of the accident, Levi asked his mom if he could ride his tractor. In her post, Kallie said that told him yes, but that he couldn’t go near the creek. (See this is when you go with the child and monitor them so they actually listen to you, because when you tell a toddler not to do something, that is the first thing they're going to do.)

“That’s a decision that will haunt me for the rest of my life. In that moment he was my responsibility alone,”
Kallie wrote. (As it fucking should because you were too lazy to watch your toddler and it ultimately ended with him drowning.) “Whether I went back to check on my sleeping baby, swap the laundry, wash a bottle or put away lunch, I honestly don’t know. Whatever it was, wasn’t more important than following him that day.”

“Although I’m a firm believer that our stories are written long before we reach this earth & that our Lord will take us when he’s ready, I will lose sleep over this for eternity,” she continued. “But with this, I know 3 things to be true. 1. I am not a perfect mom but I am a good mom (no you aren't, good moms don't let their fucking toddlers run off alone near water.). 2. My little boy loved me with all he had. 3. Never say never because it only takes seconds and it can happen to you too."

“I pray anyone who judges me or has hurtful words to say never finds themself on the receiving end of a nightmare like this.”

A celebration of life service will be held in Beaver, Utah, according to family spokesperson Mindy Sue Clark. Clark confirmed to People that Levi passed away on June 2.

“Levi Spencer Wright — March 24, 2021-June 02, 2024,” Clark wrote on Facebook. “The most perfect three year old there ever was. So perfect we didn’t get to keep him. This baby boy moved mountains the last 12 days. He brought so many people together. In a world so dark, we got to see light at the hands of a child. He’s everything his mom and dad could’ve wanted him to be.”

In a Facebook post on June 2, Kallie announced that she and Spencer made the decision to withdraw life-sustaining treatment after “multiple conversations with the world’s best neurologists and millions of prayers.”

“Here soon, I’ll climb into bed with my baby and hold him as he falls asleep for the last time on this earth,” Kallie wrote. “I find comfort in knowing he will be restored to the perfect little boy he was & have the ability to do all the things he loves!”

“I know there are Angels up there waiting to hold him until I can again!” she continued. “We will miss him every second of every day down here but feel without unwavering doubt that this is the best thing we can do for him!”

Kallie included a video of herself and Levi driving around on a piece of agricultural machinery. In the clip, she kisses Levi's cheek and asks, “Are you my best bud?” to which he replies, “Yeah!”

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on May 21 that a child had driven a toy tractor into a river.

“To whoever decided to spend close to an hour reviving him and not giving up. I’d hug you if I could,” Kallie wrote on Facebook. She referred to all the first responders as “mine and Levi’s angels.”

Kallie posted several updates from the hospital, and said that she and Levi’s dad were exploring different therapies for their son.

“Please for one second don’t think we haven’t fully done our homework, it has been nonstop,” Kallie shared. “I’m going to close with, no parent in this situation ever ‘gives up’ on their child.”
Re: Moo neglects toddler and it drowns
June 06, 2024
I've never even lost one of my birds by accident, and I've had many over my lifetime. If I did, I know I'd never forgive myself so I am absolutely adamant that they are supervised if they're out and that they're safe at all times come hell or high water. (sorry, unintentional pun there)

Breeders always say similar things after their kids die due to neglect or stupidity.

It's sad they're having a "Celebration of Life" for someone who was only alive for 3 years.
Re: Moo neglects toddler and it drowns
June 06, 2024
Who in the hell thinks you can tell three year olds what to do and they'll always listen? THREE YEARS OLD, and she thought telling him to stay away from the water was sufficient? When he's used to playing in it on a regular basis? That really sounds like she either wanted him dead or literally didn't care one way or another. This is one of the most "what the absolute fuck" of these that I've seen for awhile.

Edit: Oooh, I just saw an article saying the father had yet to speak publicly on it. How much you want to bet he places the blame exactly where it belongs and they're trying to keep the implosion under wraps?
Re: Moo neglects toddler and it drowns
June 06, 2024
Also why was a three-year-old being allowed to ride a vehicle alone? Like I know it's one of those Power Wheels type vehicles made for kids, but isn't three a little young for something like that? And no one should be letting their toddler play outside unsupervised, period. If she's been doing this for so long that it's normal, it was only a matter of time before something happened to the kid.

I wonder if the father knew she would let the kid drive alone outside in his mini tractor. I can't imagine a sane person would be okay with this shit.

Oooh, I just saw an article saying the father had yet to speak publicly on it. How much you want to bet he places the blame exactly where it belongs and they're trying to keep the implosion under wraps?

I wonder how long it will be before they get a divorce. Even if he were to believe it was a "tragic accident," neglecting your kid to death sounds like grounds for divorce to me.
Re: Moo neglects toddler and it drowns
June 07, 2024
I see tons of people ignoring their kids in public, and some small kids with no parent in sight. Lots of parents are lazy asses who do the absolute minimum they can get away with. It works okay until one day it doesn't... and the kid gets hurt. But sometimes it does seem like these breeders are hoping for an accident so they won't have to deal with their spawn at all.
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