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People renting out their pools to families

Posted by cfdavep 
People renting out their pools to families
July 04, 2024

I can't imagine the liability connected to this. Apparently some parents are going this route to avond OTHER perople's misbehaved brats.
Re: People renting out their pools to families
July 04, 2024
On one hand, it could be a good way to make money in the summer. But yeah, unless you have people sign a waiver saying they will not sue you in the event of injury, the costs of lawsuits will far outweigh any rental fees collected by homeowners. Because people will sue over ANYTHING in this country, and I'm sure some lawyers could find legal loopholes to exploit to get around waivers meant to protect the homeowners.

Gotta love the breeders who seem to think their screaming brats are okey-dokey, but everyone else's screaming brats are a nuisance. Yes let's rent a pool all to ourselves so our dumplings can scream without other kids' screaming interrupting them!

People who are dumb enough to rent out their pools to famblees better charge out the ass. I'm talking security deposit to cover the inevitable damages, insurance fees, per-hour rental fees, pool toy rental fees, lifeguard fees, cleaning fees like an AirBNB when some asshole brings their loaf in a swim diaper in, charging per child, lunch fees if the breeders are too dumb to pack food and bouncer fees so problematic breeders can be booted out when (not if, but WHEN) they start shit.
Re: People renting out their pools to families
July 04, 2024
Lots of cities are cracking down on it too:





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Re: People renting out their pools to families
July 05, 2024
Pools will soon be sewers in 5...4...3...2...1...


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