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How about another PARANORMAL thread!

Posted by Zzelda 
How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 09, 2013
With all the new folks here - l thought we could use another one of these threads smiling smiley

Ghost stories, weird things, psychic phenomena, etc. Anything and everything! Seen Bigfoot? Elvis? UFOs?

Who's got some good stories?

I mostly get 'strange coincidences' or what they call 'synchronicity'. I also have many strange and unusual dreams. Very vivid dreams, and some have been down right prophetic.

The Summer Solstice is coming soon - 21 June.

So I figured this is a good time for some more Paranormal!
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 10, 2013
I also have prophetic dreams. I dreamed of a plane crash recently. I saw it in my dream, then the real plane crash happened and somebody had filmed it. It was all over t.v. and looked EXACTLY like it did in my dream. This kind of thing happens to me frequently.

When I was in my early 20s, my grandmother passed away. I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt her presence and thought I saw lights and heard bells. It wasn't totally like being awake, more like a dream sequence but with wakefulness... I can't really describe it. Anyway I woke up the next morning and learned that she had died. My dad had the same thing happen to him when he was a kid and his grandfather died.

Another creepy thing is that people who have REALLY pissed me off come in to a streak of bad luck. I mean REALLY bad luck, like people close to them dying. I don't wish that on anybody, don't think about it or anything, but I've noticed that it does happen. Freaks me out. A woman who tried to undermine my career and get me in big trouble died within 4 months. Another woman who tried to steal my boyfriend, her best friend died 6 months later. Another ex-boyfriend who cheated on me, his next girlfriend died 6 months later. I guess don't mess with me... Ugh!! Creeps me out.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 10, 2013
I believe I own a haunted vintage Schiaparelli hat. I bought it at an antique store years ago, and ever since then, have been experiencing 'weird' phenomena in my home, particularly my bedroom where I keep it.

I felt compelled to buy it, even though my sister told me not to. I got up early the next day, took the bus to the place where I found it and bought it as soon as the doors opened for the day. That night I had a terrifying nightmare about the hat being possessed by a spirit.

Ever since I brought the hat home:

My bed shakes at night.

Sensation of someone touching me, blowing in my ear, footsteps walking towards my bed.

The feeling of someone in the room; odd fragrances like old perfume wafting by.

The feeling of a draft coming from the wrong side of the room (the opposite side of where the window is).

When I touch the hat, the name Agnes comes into my head. I've named the ghost Agnes. This has happened to two other people who have touched the hat.

Orbs have been seen by me and another witness in my bedroom late at night.

A perfume bottle propelled itself of a glass shelf in the bedroom and nearly hit me in the leg.

I've recently begun videoing my bedroom late at night, and heard my name being spoken over and over again in the recordings. It is damned freaky. I have a number of these bizarre recordings, and on one occasion, actually heard my name being spoken in the room while I was recording. The voice is definitely female, and very persistent.

I've decided to make friends with Agnes, since I have no intentions of getting rid of my Schiaparelli. She is quite happy in my bedroom, sitting on a stand. She only comes out at night - occasionally when I have an overnight guest.

Here is a photo of the hat, complete with a cup of tea for Agnes. I want to stay on her good side and make her feel welcome. grinning smiley

Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 11, 2013
Very interesting stories!

One of the things I've always been fixated on is: How does everything work? What IS this? Why is it here? Why am I here?

Alas, I don't think I'm going to be able to figure it out! The closest I came was when I was very, very young and had the most unusual dream - it literally was as if 'some thing' explained it all to me. Of course, I promptly forgot. Yarg! But I do remember something along the lines of - everything collapses in on itself. I am not sure what this means.

"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened."
~ Douglas Adams.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 11, 2013
When I was having my heart issues from a certain medication, I had two out of body experiences, one where I fully left my body and was floating around the room, and one where I saw a weird light with symbols in it. The symbols were something I didn't recognize and it was most definitely not a dream. At first I thought I was having some sort of weird night terror thingie, but now I think it was more than that. I had recently been taken to the ER for heart arrythmia, something which I'd suffered for over a year until my meds were finally changed.

I remember hearing voices, saying that I was dying and not to fight it. I was laying in bed and forced myself to fully regain consciousness. It was kind of like trying not to drown.

When I was having the OOBE where I was floating around, I had a cigar in my hand...haha. I was wearing a long, white Victorian nightgown. I remember looking down on my body lying on the bed. I also remember having to 'think' of a spot and concentrate in order to propel my spirit to that part of the room. It was weird. I even remember looking out of the window and feeling trapped in the room.

I had to fight to get back into my body and when I finally came to, I had to take a massive breath. I have an idea about death and dying now, and it doesn't scare me all that badly.

Wouldn't it be bizarre if our existence was nothing more than some dog's dream? I've often wondered if our reality is just a brainfart of some higher entity.
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Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 11, 2013
I also have an interest in the paranormal. Especially things that are related to ghosts and the psychic phenomena.

Sadly, I don't have any personal experiences. But when I do, I will tell them here!

I honestly think there is some kind of paranormal out there. The paranormal that science can't even explain.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 11, 2013
I'm a fan of paranormal things, but unfortunately don't have many experiences. Probably the closest to one I've had was many years ago when I was abut 12 or 13. Very strange night in the middle of July where I saw other weird shit like a train car (not an engine, one of the immobile linked cars) moving by itself along the tracks. The sky was very odd that night too: it was about 9 or 10 pm and the rest of the sky was totally dark, save for this one big white spot on the horizon. It quite honestly looked like a big tear in the sky, like the sky from the next morning was peeking through. And I saw something really big fly in front of the white spot. It wasn't an aircraft - there was no noise, no lights, it wasn't shaped like an aircraft and it was flying way too low. Some people have suggested I saw a crane flying, but why would it fly at night? Also, this was much too large to be a bird. I think I saw a head, long neck, and a long tail.

I still have no idea WTF I saw and absolutely no one believes me when I tell this story, though the few who gave me a chance said I may have seen a Thunderbird. I never saw anything like it ever again.

And...I think I've experienced sleep paralysis once, though I don't know if that counts as paranormal. It was so weird too. I was in this state where my eyes were open and I could see I was in my bed, but I wasn't completely sure I was awake, and I absolutely could not move. It's like I was awake above the neck and asleep everywhere else.

Automatic writing is a fun thing to do too. Some say it's a way to communicate with spirits and I seriously doubt that, but it's a neat little exercise from a psychological perspective. I've done it and it's yielded interesting results.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 18, 2013
I had some interesting experiences after my mom died. I was ten years old and was lying on my grandmother's couch about three days after my mom passed. I looked across the room and saw a blue-white figure just standing there. She was only there for maybe 2 minutes but I was so freaked out that it felt like an hour lol.

When I was thirteen, I was alone at the house and kept hearing strange noises from the kitchen, like someone was moving pots and pans around. I walked to the kitchen, and as I rounded the corner, the noise stopped. This happened a couple more times until I finally went into the kitchen and said " mom?". The noise stopped after that. It' ll be 14 years since she' s been gone on November, and I still feel her presence occasionally. It' s comforting now though.

My dad died when I was 18, and I had a really vivid dream where we said our last goodbyes, but I don' t think he' s stuck around.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
June 28, 2013
When I was 15, I was staying at a friend's house and napping on her bed. I was on my side, back to the wall and felt someone wrap an arm around my waist. I was more comforted than alarmed and it never happened again but I'll always remember that spoon lol

In 2007 I was living in Vegas and I was running errands with a friend of mine. We were dashing across the road to get to the grocery store, completely oblivious to the crosswalk (she's legally blind so I guess that one was my bad) when I felt something jerk me to a halt. For a second I thought it was her but she continued running and ran right into the side of a car. Thankfully she was okay and we laughed about it later.

There have been countless times something stops me from walking into cars/bikes/runners I don't see (I'm actually a very observant person usually). I've quit two jobs that weeks later the shift I normally would be working got robbed. One was by knife point and the other the clerk was tasered.

I joke that I have a guardian demon but sometimes I wonder =p
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 04, 2013
Snark Shark
Here is a photo of the hat, complete with a cup of tea for Agnes. I want to stay on her good side and make her feel welcome. grinning smiley

the hat is neat!

Thank you Sharkie smiling smiley There is a very similar Schiaparelli housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I love reading other posters' paranormal stories too, and find the topic utterly fascinating.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 06, 2013
my great aunt claimed she saw ghosts. She recalls returning home one night to see lights in the house, but when she entered, no one was awake.

One of my uncles professes to seeing the Jersey Devil as a teen. He was making out in a car with a girl in a secluded area and a large black beast with red glowing eyes put its front feet on the car and glared in at them.

NJ is oddly full of paranormal activity-not just the Jersey Devil, but other Devils, ghost cars that chase people down Clinton Road and Shades of Death Road, black dogs and women roaming around Cape May beaches-check it out:

I have seen a chupacabra on the side of the road when driving to visit my sister in Texas with my parents. It was very much alive, completely black and was looking at us. My dad saw it, too, and said he saw a row of teeth. We did not stop to check the creature out.

I have seen disembodied shadows twice. One time, I was at a traffic light at night and thought I saw where someone was walking across the street behind my car, but when I looked, no one was there.

I don't recall the second time exactly other than there was a shadow on the ground where there should not have been one.

There's also been odd things in my house-clicks like light switches, a woman calling my name, etc. The house used to belong to my dad's aunt originally, before it was owned by an asian couploe and then us. Maybe it's the aunt. The area used to be a farm at one time as well...
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 06, 2013
@zatoth: thanks for the link! I absolutely love urban legends from all over the world!
@mumofsixbirds: please do send my greeting to Agnes smiling smiley

my story: in my parents' previous house, there were a small koi pond on the backyard. one day, some of the koi got infected with parasite, so they had to be quarantined in a plastic container. to avoid koi jumping out onto the ground, my father fully covered the container with large pan made from bamboo.
the next morning, one of the koi found dead on the ground next to the container. here's the weird part: the bamboo lid was still perfectly covering the top of the plastic container. what kind of physics law allowed this to happen?

second story. I went on a vacation with my boyfriend some time ago. We stayed on a cheap guest house for two nights. the bedroom was large, with two single beds on each side of the room.
Normally I am very easy to fall asleep everywhere, but that night my sleep was disturbed. I was awakened in the midnight, feeling really terrified for some unknown reasons. I felt the urge to look around, but there was nothing. when I tried to fall back asleep, I got the terrifying feeling that my bed was going to swallow me. there was someone presents. It was very weird. Sometimes I fell asleep for a while, but soon I was awakened again with the very same feeling. This happened repeatedly well into dawn.
the next night I told my boyfriend my experience, so he asked to swap bed. he also experienced the same thing, while I slept so soundly on the other bed.
for insensitive type like me, it was a rare occurence. whatever it was, it must had great level of energy.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 06, 2013
In 2007 I had an incident I couldn't explain. I was driving from Austin to San Antonio Tx and I stopped for breakfast tacos halfway home. Some creepy guy came up and tried to talk to me. I was trying to get in the car when Creep approached and out of the blue my car alarm goes off. I did NOT touch the panic button on my key chain. I could almost think the car was watching out for me.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 06, 2013
Okay, I have had occasional bouts of "deja vu", where you feel like "this scene has played out before" or it feels really familiar when it's happening. Nothing really noteworthy, just like being a certain restaurant and feeling like it's a familiar situation or conversation you've had before, even though you know you haven't.

The only thing that really stands out to me though is this. A few years back, I had a very vivid dream. I rarely remember my dreams, but this one stuck with me. I was somewhere, that I thought was an amusement park or something, but everything was flooded, and people -- including myself -- were just bobbing around in the water. And i mean dozens, if not hundreds of people.

Well, I woke up, remember that dream. I had slept in a bit since it was the weekend and during the Christmas holiday. Well, once I had woken up, I made some coffee and turned on the tv, ending up on a news channel.

The big news of the day? The big Indian Ocean tsunami. It was Dec. 26th, 2004.

Needless to say my dream seemed like a heck of a coincidence. It definitely freaked me out.

Other than that, I haven't experienced anything like that before, or since.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 06, 2013
OK, if you all saw my recent illness stories, you probably have - (I fell into polluted water)

After that, because I was injured and sick, my one biz associate offered me the use of this house, which was to be an investment for him but he couldn't unload it. It's closer to the office.

So I came here and the woman next door did study Environmental Science. Not that that's much of 'strange coincidence' because this is a common line of study / work here, in the Filth Swamp.

She studied Mechanical Engineering too, as I did. And she looks like me. Alot like me. Many say that we have a Doppelganger, somewhere.....

But, this could be just another coincidence. There are lots of Czech people here, and people of the same ethnicity can look similar.

Here is kind of a really weird thing ~

I meet plenty of people 'like us' here, and similarities are common as well as just like conversing about water. Even if you are not some kind of Eng. in this field. It floods here all the time. You've heard me blather on about it right here. I try to keep it low because I realize not everyone goes on and on about these things like we do, here.

It's even common to dream about. This is common. Many people tell me so. They have the dreams about water. Mine are quite specific and Architects and Engineers (around here) love to hear about them, want me to draw them, dissect all this carefully. I get repeated things I'm sure I've never seen. - they repeat themselves in the dreams. I figure it to be a mash up of places I have seen.

I have difficulty remembering these things. And I cannot draw.

Here's a weird thing - "My type of guy" would be someone 45 - 55, tall, some meat on the bones, shaggy grey hair, good education / smart / good personality / sharp dresser. This is a vague prototype. I can't point to anyone specific.

But even 'wool gathering' about such a potential man - many times - BANG! Up comes a scene from one of these "water dreams". Things I don't even really remember or just vaguely remember - and this is *while I am awake* - and like 'fantasizing' about men - no specific person, just kind of a vague thought, like maybe a man seen on TV and a thought like - yeah, he's nice looking, I could go for a guy like that ~

And then BAM! There's this water scene that pops into my head from a dream long ago.

Why in the world would these things be connected?

One thing I've been picturing lately ~

This latest thing - and I know I dreamed of this - it was a small yellow house surrounded by lots of trees and growth. As you walk in - you cross like this small stream of water - but, it's right up to the top / level with the land, and covered by a small flat 'bridge' that could be mistaken for a square of side walk, this is made out of bamboo. You would be essentially standing on water.

These things are eerie and interesting and I do not feel any fear. Not that I remember. It's all this vague stuff, if I remember it the next day even - probably not.

Anyway, since that last one, also mostly forgot it, if I picture the type of guy I like, which of course is vague and just an errant thought - BANG! This image comes up in my mind! That's the latest 'water' one.

How weird is this? WHY? What does this mean?

Ever get "Deja Vu" from dreams?
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 06, 2013
Another thought on Deja Vu -

Not an original, I read it somewhere ~

Maybe we're already dead and these are just our memories ~
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 28, 2013
@ Shark-not surprising. Eastern Europe had vampire scares during the Middle Ages. Most stem from failed executions, non-fatal lead poisoning and poor interment of both and a lack of understanding of decomposition. If they hanged a criminal, it was not as scientific as later such executions that relied upon breaking necks. Most early hangings involved "hanging until dead" which is asphyxiation. Medieval people were not exactly accurate in determine death, so it was not unusual for "dead" criminals buried in shallow graves to be up and wandering about (albeit severely brain damaged). Similarly, medieval pewter had lead in it, which would leech into acidic contents such as wine. People would lapse into a coma of sorts and be thought dead, only to snap out of it later.

Often, during these vampire hunts, a body was dug up with fangs and claws and longer hair and looking full with red stuff coming out of the mouth. All of these are associated with decomposition. Almost immediately you lose water, which causes your skin to pull away from teeth, finger nails and hair. The body fills with gases as it decomposes and sometimes this forces fluids out of the mouth or other orifices. I have no doubt suspected cadavers were interred in a separate cemetery to keep them away from other bodies and from the population.

That does not mean there are no such things as vampires-while Stoker used Vlad Tepes's nickname. Dracula, as the name for his vampire, it was another resident of Transylvania, on the Hungary side, he used as the main influence-Elizabet Bathory.
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Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 30, 2013
My mum's place is definetly haunted, she lives in an old converted children's home (think of Guillermo del Toro's The Orphanage and you're on exactly the right lines). All sort of wierd stuff would happen there whilst I was still living at hers. Light bulbs flicker, you feel air rush past you on the stairs, the dogs and kittehs will suddenly scamper about at nothing, dishes fly off the side and regularly smash on the floor.

I've been woken up by the stereo turning itself on in the middle of the night, my iPhone regularly turns itself on as well (I haven't gotten it wet), plus I've had my phone smack me in the back a few times when I've been sitting on the floor drying my hair or something similar with a particular song playing. I had to change rooms because my bed would shake at night which was terrifying. I'd have strange tapping on my bedside light and wardrobe doors all night long as well. Plus things would go missing and then reappear in bizarre places. The scariest one was when I was taking a bath and was facing the door; the toilet roll started unravelling off the holder at top speed as if somebody was pulling it. Needless to say I didn't stick around in the bath for long.

I've gotten used to it now and regularly tell whatever it is off...I generally say "will you stop doing that, it's not very nice!" and it usually does. Being a nice little hedgewitch I'm also going to put a welcoming little spirit house out for it, so it's got somewhere comfortable to go. It's not scary now, more irritating than anything else.

Bizarrely my cottage is about 300/400 years older than mum's. Her place is early Victorian and the earliest part of my place date back to around the 15th Century and I've never had any paranormal activity here, despite the rumours that three ley lines converge on my property. Equally a hedgewitch used to live here before me, so I like to think she's looking out for me. thumbs upwink
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
July 31, 2013
I loved that film "The Orphanage"!

Where can I begin, though with supernatural tales? I think I've always been sensitive to that stuff, and ghost stories have always been a small part of my family background. My mom's CF spinster aunts used to regale her with stories about ghosts, banshees, and leprechauns. My Czech great-grandmother on my dad's side apparently experienced some weird shit in her native village near Prague as a child. She would scare the bejesus out of my dad and his siblings with vampire stories and such. One of her tales was about this time when everyone in the village woke up one morning to discover that all of the cows were laying on their backs. (I know that will elicit a "That's what she said" lol).

I lived in a very haunted house between the ages of 3 and 8 and I think that is why I have such an interest in the paranormal. I heard voices whispering, saw shadow people, and once I even saw a woman wearing a veil standing in my parents' room, looking out the window.

In 2005, I was in Ireland working on a recording project in the countryside. Outside of the studio, I saw a cute, friendly little cat. I took a picture of her, and when I got the film developed a few weeks later, I noticed she was covered in a mist. No one was outside smoking or anything. I think there were famine graves not too far away...

In 2011, I was in San Francisco visiting my friend/old roommate, S. One night, we stayed over at her friend K's house. My friend S slept on the couch, and I slept in the spare bedroom. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud knock on the door. I thought S or K might have needed me for something, but I didn't hear any more knocking, so I went back to sleep. In the morning, I asked S if she knocked on the door. She looked freaked out and said she didn't, and that she saw a figure standing in the kitchen in the middle of the night. I found out that the room I stayed in used to be K's late husband's home office.

I could tell many more stories, but I'm out of time!

Anonymous User
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
August 01, 2013
I think my elder kitty, who died almost 3 months ago, is still here.

Now, just to give you some background, I am the world's biggest skeptic. I don't believe in deities. I don't believe in fairies. I don't believe in anything that is not evidenced.

And I don't "believe" this either. But one part of being a skeptic is being open to the evidence. I only recently began to think this in the last couple days, after this having been going on since she died. So it's not like I had my heart set on it. I thought when something died, it was gone.

Early on after her death, I used to see what I thought was her in my periphery. I wrote that off as me missing her, and it might be -- my peripheral vision has always been a little kooky. But that was just the beginning.

Since she died, I've felt her walking on my bed. I still do.

When I brought home my Pia kitty, the first time I let her into the living room, she knew where my elder kitty died.

There is no way she'd be able to know this from her senses. It wasn't a place she ever hung out, she died on several layers of blankets and never even touched the floor, and I cleaned the carpet before I brought Pia home. If there's anything I would have expected her to identify, it would have been the blanket she was on. But the spot on the floor? I don't know how she figured that out.

She's a very quiet cat in general. She tends to mutter and meep, rather than meow. But she sat in that spot, looked up, and started calling to something. She stayed there fore a couple of minutes, meowing, then listening, then meowing again. I didn't hear the reply, but apparently it satisfied her. She hasn't done that since.

I noticed that Pia sometimes seems to be looking at something. Not just staring blankly, but tracking it as if it's moving. When I look, I see nothing. I thought maybe I had a slightly schizo cat. But then I noticed she only does this in my bedroom, when I'm bedding down or waking up. Nowhere else, and no other time. My elder kitty slept with me every night, as Pia does.

I always feel something unaccounted for on my bed when she's doing this. I also still feel a cat walking on my bed at random, often when Pia isn't even in the room.

I'm starting to wonder if she's still here, and whether or not I should be concerned about that.

Pia doesn't seem scared when she's seeing things. But I wonder if the reason she doesn't come up closer is because the space is "claimed." She might not anyway -- she's a bit of a nervous cat in general, and always has been even before I had her. But I do wonder.

If she is still here, I definitely do want to do something about it before I move. I won't be in this place longer than a year or two, and I don't want to... leave her here. I want her to move on to... whatever it is that she should be moving onto.
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Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
August 19, 2013
Good stuff.

In like 1990 one of our kittens was killed by a stray dog. Sorta my fault... A big fat mourning downstairs followed for the rest of the day. ... Well the next night I'm lying alone under the day bed watching nick at night from across the same room, in the dark, and notice someone walk in from the hall. It's our large plush fraggle rock doll.

It proceeds to the TV and sits down, indian style, for the next few hours. The whole time I'm just frozen in place, barely even breathing, in case the monster might hear me. Finally moom stampedes in to chastize me for wasting electricity.

I theorized all the earlier emotional energy attracted the poltergeist. But who knows. Maybe the kitten was haunting me in revenge. So-called life since then has been a parade of shit too bizarre for stories. It's aged me. I can honestly state the experience wouldn't scare me again today.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
August 22, 2013
I lived with my grandparents as a teen. When I was 16, my grandfather died. My first encounter with death and it was very badly handled. He had been in and out of the hospital for several months; we received several calls in the middle of the night because they thought he was taking his last breaths, but they all turned out to be false alarms. The last time, a call came at ~2am. I groggily got into my clothes, determined to stay half-asleep so I could turn back in when he was given the all clear and Grandma and I could leave. This time, I walked into the ICU and saw him sitting up in bed, grey-faced and his mouth agape. He had died and no one told us. Grandma sat down in a chair and started to cry; I turned and stumbled out of the room in shock. I remember staggering to the waiting room and falling into a chair, a couple of nurses sat with me until I could pull myself together and help get Grandma home.

Just to illustrate that it was a seriously disturbing encounter for me.

For several months after his funeral, at the exact time Grandpa was said to have died, I was awakened by the sound of a door closing and footsteps proceeding through the house. They headed in the direction of my room, but always faded away right outside my door. One night, Grandma was awake at the same time and said "that's your grandfather, coming to check up on us." While I would normally be freaked out by something like that, I wasn't bothered. And what I said to myself, but never repeated to Grandma, was "I doubt he's coming to see you. You made him so miserable, his death was likely a release." After about 6 months, the visits stopped. I guess Grandpa could see I was OK and decided to move on. I was glad that he did. His last years were an absolute misery, being married to that old bitch and in declining health.

A sorta-psychic episode, I guess .... I never check the messages on my cell phone in the morning - NEVER. There is just no reason. I e-mail Dh daily when I get to work (I'm away from home four days each week), and I never get any other calls. One morning, when I had temporarily switched shifts with a co-worker, I decided to sleep in until the astounding hour of 8 a.m. I wasn't going in to work until the afternoon and so didn't set my alarm for 6 a.m. When I woke up, I felt absolutely compelled to turn my cellphone on and check the messages. Sure 'nuff, there were three frantic messages from the night shift person, saying that the dayshift person had not reported to work and I was needed immediately! That was boggling.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
September 02, 2013
I have mild empathic abilities. I cannot read facial features but I get a less intense version of the emotions that the other person feels.

It is fucking annoying, especially when I am opening up to someone and I am around other people who are radiating like no tomorrow.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
September 02, 2013
When I worked at the hospital I had several incidents of the paranormal.

I was taking my cart to the outpatient surgery wing to check records one night and in the hallway with no doors or other halls I heard "Goodnight sweetheart its time to go". I ran

When I first started I got locked on the other side of the Endoscopy unit with no way out. The doors opened up on their own.

A record on someone who had recently died fell off the counter and turned to the death certificate while we were in the other room.

A glowing orb over the back desk.

Across the maintenance road is where we kept the old records and the Release of Information office. Everytime I had to go over there I was by myself and I would hear a woman moaning and chairs moving upstairs. One night I had to go over for an emergency, a lady hit a semi doing 80 and they didn't know what type of stents she had and until they could get that info they couldn't do the MRI for some reason. I unlocked the door and put the keys on the counter because I know how bad I am about misplacing things. When I was done, the keys were gone and I was locked in. That's when things got fun. I kept seeing things pop up, laughing and chairs move. I went into one of the offices and called co-worker who called my boss who then had to send someone with the keys to come get me at 11:00 at night. In the meantime I'm freaked out and stayed on the phone with my grandmother because it was getting worse. When I got out of there I swore they could fire me before I would ever step foot in that office again. They finally found the keys....in a locked drawer.
Re: How about another PARANORMAL thread!
September 28, 2013
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