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As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?

Posted by Cambion 
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 04, 2015
Cambion, you have until 2-15-15 to sign up for the ACA. I suggest you call immediately.
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 04, 2015
I'll tell you why - because she's the type who knows when to turn it off and on. Do you really think she checked on her co workers periods? Shouted and yelled at them? If so - she would've been fired. She knows enough to 'tone it down' and knows what she can get away with. She knows she's got you 'demoralized' or beaten down and you will do as she says.

Yup, that's pretty spot-on. Mom's a narcissist, and she has a public persona that's separate from her home persona. Those closest to her get the home one and know what a stark raving lunatic she is. Meanwhile, coworkers, doctors, friends, strangers, and really anyone else gets her honed, calm demeanor. Most people just see her as a quirky smart-ass because they don't know the real her. They don't get to hear the screaming at home, or get told what they are and aren't allowed to do or eat or what jobs they're allowed to take, among a million other bullshit things she does. It was great in grade school too. She'd call my "smart" classmates and, just as sweet as sugar, ask them about an assignment, then thank them like a darling lady. Second the phone hung up, she was screeching at me, telling me how dumb I was, etc. The difference was as quick and clear as flipping a light on and off.

And oddly enough, using that as example, the one *construction guy* who I get to work on my house - I talk to him about my plans and HE tries to talk me out of them! OK, Dad. LOL. And it's crazy too because - uh - HELLO! Anything I buy means MORE WORK FOR YOU!

A slight tangent, but it sounds like the retards my mother and father hired to build their house. These guys were fuckin' lazy. Mom wanted bay windows, they refused to install them because it was "too hard to do." Refused to install a ceiling light in what would become my bedroom because "no one puts ceiling lights in bedrooms anymore." No insulation in said bedroom whatsoever either. So many corners were cut, and very few things in the house turned out how Mom and Dad wanted.

@JoJo trust me, I want to. But I just don't think I can afford it long-term unless there's some way I can get free coverage. Is it possible for me to sign up for insurance for maybe a few months, get what I need done (tests, medication, etc.), then cancel my coverage?

There's an employment office type of thing in town, but the only jobs they offer are things that I can't do, like driving a forklift or handling hazardous materials. By "can't do," I mean "not certified to do." And, big shock, none of these cockbag employers will train you so you CAN be certified.

I don't know if it's learned helplessness or not. I just know that when you fight and struggle and try to get ahead for so long with no (or very short-lived) success, you lose the strength and desire to keep fighting. Most people do. You realize the hole's too deep to climb out of, so you lay down in the hole and give up because you know you'll get the same exact outcome as if you tried, but without the disappointment.
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 05, 2015
Cambion, I know that since you are in PA, it IS possible to sign up for Medicaid. If need be, you can even go to the nearest assistance office to start the process. If you don't know where one is, someone at a hospital can tell you. Don't worry about having to need it for a few months, if you do get a job with benefits it will automatically stop but it sounds like in your situation you should be able to get everything done. Since we now have a new governor, maybe the process will not be as strict. Please get Medicaid and good luck.

Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 06, 2015

What you said was spot on.


"I have found little that is 'good' about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe to this or that ethical doctrine or to none at all."
~Sigmund Freud
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 06, 2015
Cambion, just tune your mother out. You're an adult, she can't make you do anything, and if she physically assaults you, call the cops.

If you can get on the internet to post here, you can get on www.healthcare.gov.
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 08, 2015
A few options:

- Get in the military. If you have to get in better shape first, suck it up and do it. I get that they have picky requirements about things like allergies/uncontrollable conditions/etc. so it's not always an option for everyone, but if you are physically eligible, then do it. And don't diagnose your own self as ineligible...go to a recruiter and see if they will take you.
You'd only have to do like ~3 yrs...it would give you financial independence, help with debt, training in jobs to make you employable after, they'd move you FAR away from your mom, etc.
And it's not all war frontlines either....more likely than not, you'd be doing something totally mundane and regular, but in the context of a military base.

- If military isn't an option, do something like Peace Corps or another similar, long-term humanitarian travel type of gig. Find one where you don't have to pay your own way or where there's a scholarship involved. You'd have amazing new friendships and experiences, be FAR away from your mom, and have the time to "find yourself" and figure out a plan with a new perspective of being out of the home rut.

- A bit more practical: sell some shit. Sell art, sell stuff on EBay, clothes, or whatever else, and save the money to GET the certification that you need to handle the hazardous materials you mentioned.
Then, get that fucking job.

Honestly, people are going to get really tired of continuing to give advice when all they get in response are excuses. How old are you?
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 16, 2015
Cambion, did you sign up for the ACA? The deadline was yesterday, 2-15-15.
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 23, 2015
Nope. The so-called Affordable Care Act is not affordable for me. It's at least comforting that there's low-income housing in my area, but I don't know if it's specifically for famblees or anyone who's poor can live there. I do at least want to get the hell out of this house sometime this year because listening to my mother and her idiot every day is driving me nuts, as in more than before. I may not be able to find a job beforehand, though. Which sucks, but knowing that a good chunk of my paycheck would go toward student loans with little left over to live on regardless of what job I might have, I can't say that going on welfare indefinitely hasn't crossed my mind.

Not that I don't want to work, but I just know no one will give me a chance. I feel like, in order to get the job I want, I'd have to go kill people who have that job and then apply for the open position. Le sigh.
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 26, 2015
There's no such thing as lifetime welfare anymore. It's limited to 5 years total and only for women with children.

Cambion, it's well past the time for you to stop making excuses for not having a job. Join the military, work at walmart. Sitting around wallowing in self-pity will not accomplish anything.

BTW, the ACA deadline has been extended so apply today, and don't tell me you can't. You have a computer so get off your ass and do it!
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 26, 2015

I think some folks here are just trying to give you some 'tough love' - I would take things in that spirit.

However, on the other side of the coin - some of us *do* understand, I do anyway. Many of us are 'trapped' in various ways. Most of us are constrained by various things too, no worries.

I myself *do* have insurance - but not for dental and the work I have coming up will not be cheap.

You have to try to figure out some plan ~

And this shitty economy is not helping, either. I work in Int'l Biz and most world wide economies are - not good. The US is *especially bad* (No, I don't make alot of money, either. What, you think I'm some Wall Street Fat Cat? HA. No.)

It's not just you. The US economy is still in the toilet.

Just try to do the best you can. As we all are trying to do. And if you can't pay for the insurance - then don't. It is what it is. The worst case is that they'll fine you next year. And probably not, from what I have read, there are still a whole host of probs with this all so there's going to have to be some tweaking of it. Regardless - if you can't, you can't. Apx 5 years ago I was seriously ill and had no insurance - this was when me and partners just started the biz and we didn't have insurance. In fact - this episode was a catalyst for us. As well as 'malpractice insurance' / biz insurance. That wanted health and life ins. on all of us. We finally got going on that because I was sick. I mention that because - I did not want to stay in the hospital because I had no idea how I could pay. I argued with them and wanted to leave. But I was *so sick* that the Docs were close to physically restraining me. And I told them why - that it was too expensive and I had no idea how I could pay. And one Doc *said* to me - just don't pay then. That's *how sick* I was - the Docs are *telling me* to skip out on the bill! (In the end I didn't, and did get a reduction too.)

So try not to worry too much. MANY, MANY people are in the same situation you are. I so WISH that we'd gone to a flat out universal health care system such as in the UK or Canada. Instead - there had to be this - cluster fuck. And plenty of people KNOW it's still a cluster fuck and no one's going to haul you away or anything. So try not to worry too much over this.

My advice - try to find a way to work for yourself. Even in the best of times - you're not going to get ahead by working for someone else, anyway. Wouldn't you really rather be self employed? IMO this is better regardless, so why not focus some time an effort on this angle too?
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
February 27, 2015
Cambion, have you gone to the PA "power port" to apply for medical assistance? You likely will be eligible. Oh, and it helps that now, Pennsylvania has who may be the most liberal governor we have ever elected. What are you waiting for?
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
March 10, 2015
Cambion, (and others with student loan debt) -

Here's an article you may be interested in -


Looks like the gov may be considering some bankruptcy options for this.
Re: As of 2015, everyone is required to have insurance?
July 22, 2015
I know I'm a bit late to this party, but here in Australia, in 2015, the gov decided it was high time everyone over the age of 30 got privet health insurance, see Australia dosnt have any "no insurance no treatment" options, we have medicare which is SUPPOSED to be for Australian born residents only, cept you can pop one out on a work or holiday visa here and instantly be covered, we pay a levy to medicare without really even noticing it, but because so many non-inteded people also use it that don't pay the levy, hospitals are over run with waiting lists 8months minimum to see a doctor for a consultation on something that could be killing you (unless your brought in my an ambulance, then its 4 hours, unless your brought in in critical condition then its surgery time), so the gov decided that if you don't get privet health insurance, every time you used medicare will rack up like a tab, that falls due as part of your annual tax visit too an accountant, blood tests can cost $90 alone, so I'd hate to know what a MRI or emergency care might cost.

Point is to us who've never experienced insurance as a mandatory to get medical help, this is a dam rude shock. At least in my case I have 3more years before I HAVE to get it, by then I hope to have secured work and be able to aford it. The only good thing about this gov implementing it, is the hospitals are suddenly not chocked full of moos with a cough, because they didn't want to go to a local doctor like their supposed to.
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