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Z Nation - 'The Walking Dead' with a sense of humor (SPOILERS)

Posted by Dorisan 
Z Nation - 'The Walking Dead' with a sense of humor (SPOILERS)
January 15, 2015
I'm a fan of TWD, but its ponderous, gloom 'n doom arc causes me to sometimes say "eh, I'll watch that next week sometime" after downloading the episode from Amazon. It just doesn't have the anticipative kick it once had.

Last night I was surfing Netflix and came across 'Z Nation' from the Sy Fy channel. I read a few reviews; several people noted that it was a more humorous, subervsive view of a zompacolypse. Plus, it has DJ Qualls, an actor that will make me at least tune in and check out a show.

I binge-watched half the season last night. After I get through it, I'll probably go back and rewatch it. Kind of low budget, much of it has been done before, but it's anticipating the "oh man, that is sick -- *guffaw*" moments that kept me going.

"Amish zombies? really?" - from one of the characters.

"I'd pay to see that again," from an old stoner dude who just watched the Liberty Bell bowling ball through a bunch of zombies.

"What's the weather report?" one character asks
"Cloudy with a chance of zombies," is the reply

The series looks like it will attempt to fill in backstories for the characters; show why they are reacting to the zompac in a certain way; I'm watching for the moments when I pause the episode to laugh and tell Dh what's going on. He's not a zombie fan, but admits that he's going to give the show a try.
Re: Z Nation - 'The Walking Dead' with a sense of humor
January 15, 2015
TWD is way too gross out for my tastes, I have to leave the room when Takeo watches it. I'm a wimp when it comes to gore. I watched Z Nation when it aired on Syfy last year.

It's funny and you get different perspectives, I'm not a zombie fan but gave it a chance when I found out The Asylum, the great folks behind many a Syfy movie, is the studio behind Z Nation.

It gets even funnier but with poignant moments in the second half of the season. The show will be back late this year, and I'm really looking forward to the next season.
Re: Z Nation - 'The Walking Dead' with a sense of humor
January 15, 2015
The Asylum, the great folks behind many a Syfy movie, is the studio behind Z Nation.

Episode 5 - a tornado tears through the area, zombies being spun out.

"They ain't sharks!"

waving hellolarious

This is awesome stuff thumbs upwink

ETA: I added a SPOILER to this because of revealing remarks

ETTA: oh crap. LOL. I'ts SPOILER, Dorisan, not SOILER. Though I think it's an appropriate word to cover the latest scene I'm howling over waving hellolarious

The group is hiding in a warehouse from what appears to be a radioactive zombie. It's glowing green. Anyway, everyone ducks around to a hall or vestibule and are waiting for the Z to pass when Murphy goes friiiip.

Murphy: "sorry, it got away from me."

Everyone else in the group is making a grimace of disgust and covering their noses.

Doc: ::seeing that the glowing zombie heard the crop dusting noise and turned in their direction:::
"If I die because you farted, I'm taking you with me."

I had to sit there and cackle for 5 minutes before I could become coherent enough to describe the scene to Dh

Obligatory CF moment - in the pilot episode, a baby is found in the backseat of a car, its mother dead from the car taking a header into the wall. The female protagonist seems childfree. She picked up the baby and, even though she cooed at it, held it out from her in such a way that another character remarked "it's a baby, not a bomb."

Welllll, I'm not sure why this happened, but the baby turned. The show did something that TWD hasn't had the balls to do: produce a baby zombie. I remember the pilot of TWD had a young girl zombie that Rick had to put down, but every zombie since has been an adult. The baby zombie was kind of funny. Again, with an obvious low budget for effects, the views were brief but squealing baby sounds were heard. The outcome was sick, but I have to give the creators props for being brave enough to face the possible outrage from mombies.
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