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Businesses to Appreciate

Posted by yurble 
Businesses to Appreciate
October 09, 2015
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Re: Businesses to Appreciate
November 06, 2015

From a bottle cap message on a Magic Hat #9 beer: Condoms Prevent Minivans
I want to pick up a bus full of unruly kids and feed them gummi bears and crack, then turn them loose in Hobby Lobby to ransack the place. They will all be wearing T shirts that say "You Could Have Prevented This."
Re: Businesses to Appreciate
January 19, 2016
Cold here (US) presently - was thinking of 'Vacay spots' - where it's hot ~

Found an Adults ONLY! And it looks nice -


I'm presently spending all 'throw away' income on getting my teeth fixed and cannot afford $$$ Holidays.

Maybe next year ~

I like that they flat out say / advertise "Adults Only".

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Re: Businesses to Appreciate
May 02, 2016
Chewy.com, which sells pet goodies and is where I get the dog's arthritis supplement biscuits from. They have the absolute lowest price on that particular item (and many others), they ship super-fast for $4.95 (and I think over $50 and shipping is free), they offer auto-shipping services (and discounts for using the service) and their "return policy" is awesome, in my experience.

I ordered more of the aforesaid special biscuits and received dog shampoo instead. No big deal, I called to tell them about it and customer service was great and quick and was told they'd send me what I ordered ASAP. I asked what to do with the shampoo, like if I should send it to a special department or if I need a return label provided by the site. Nope! They asked that I either make use of it myself or donate it to a shelter instead of sending it back.
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